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150 + Nursing literature review topics

nursing literature review topics

Nursing research is the sole approach by which professionals can discover a treatment for ailments. Students and nursing researchers must, therefore, look for suitable nursing literature review topics to hack their literature review projects.

A literature review in nursing can concentrate on the physical or behavioral section of the situation. It is essential to involve a professional mentor in literature reviews in nursing to choose the right research topic.

This article elaborates more on various nursing literature review topics that will assist you to ease your search.

Nursing literature review Topics of the Community

Use the following literature review topics on nursing for the community to craft top-notch papers;

  1. The discussion of patient documentation
  2. Surveys for rehabilitation of victims of sexual abuse in digital healthcare
  3. Inventive methods
  4. Inventive care planning
  5. Aid in immigration
  6. The Healthcare demands of the rural population
  7. Culture of Scotland
  8. Volunteering in nursing work
  9. The treatment of stress

The best Nursing Literature Review Topics

These are excellent nursing literature review topics to grab your reader’s attention and keep them engaged with your papers;

  • How therapeutic horticulture minimizes anxiety in the aged
  • Research strategies and healthcare development facets
  • Alcoholism and excessive drinking in teens are developing problems.
  • National health services’ efficiency and effectiveness in providing services to the elderly
  • Effect of family therapy on adolescents.
  • Guidelines to Advance the Quality of Healthcare
  • Leadership and ethics and demonstrations
  • Disease management practices that are evidence-based
  • Effective working methods with various mental health challenges patients
  • Mental health conditions that are related to inferior housing
  • Management challenges in elderly patient care
  • Strategies in public health in the United States
  • Advancing outcomes of care and pregnancy
  • Understanding food labels in food to avoid bad health and obesity
  • Laughter therapy has positive results
  • Policies and approaches WHO regarding development in children
  • Nursing role in the community to enhance senior care
  • Community Practices in the Promotion of nurse health
  • Social Effects of AIDS
  • Employing evidence in the management of knowledge
  • Alzheimer’s patients’ spouses may encounter psychological difficulties.
  • epidemiological trends regarding hazards of cardiovascular
  • Can the nurse-patient bond help the recovery of the patient?
  • Key clinical management dangers
  • Hearing schizophrenia patients’ hallucinations

Nursing literature review topics in Health Organizations

Apply the below topics for nursing literature review in health organizations to help you stay on track with your writing process;

  1. New healthcare advancements conflicts in rural areas
  2. Healthcare advertising on the television
  3. Delivery of healthcare inequality in the U.S. training help in remote-care
  4. Emergency department racism
  5. Electronic management
  6. Methodologies of screening of schools
  7. Availability of work opportunity
  8. Children’s rehabilitation in learning facilities

Nursing literature review Topics of Elderly Persons

These nursing literature review topics for elderly persons will give you rich ideas to kickstart your literature review project;

  1. The features that enable nurses to understand old patients who are past victims of abuse
  2. Do you agree that community-based cultural innovations have accelerated healthy aging?
  3. Is it allowable to carry out elderly patients’ clinical studies?
  4. Is home a pleasant aging environment?
  5. What are the requirements for minimum nurses’ education level, and how can it be improved?
  6. Does mealtime assist in monitoring the elderly vitamin and protein intake?
  7. Must geriatric patients’ families be held liable for patients’ treatment progress?
  8. The important challenges that elderly patients encounter
  9. Explain the trend in aging and global health concepts.
  10. How must the system of healthcare be altered to provide the elderly with quality care?
  11. The efficient medical approaches for controlling information overload and stress

Nursing Literature Review Topics in Healthcare Management

Let these literature review nursing topics in healthcare management hack your literature review project for a good grade;

  1. Challenges encountered in the course of the process of contracting in medical care.
  2. The legal concerns that non-native patients experience
  3. The marijuana management primary tenets
  4. How to establish a personal medical practice
  5. Concerning apology legislation and healthcare decisions
  6. Existence of gender-based discrimination in the profession of nursing
  7. The Medicare pros and cons.
  8. Nurse uniform codes principal provisions.
  9. What are the causes of the male shortage in the nursing industry?
  10. Healthcare services at home.

Nursing Literature Review Topics in Geriatric Care

The following nursing literature review topics in geriatric care will guarantee you a compelling literature review paper;

  1. Impact of malnutrition on the system of organs.
  2. The effect of aging on immunity
  3. How must sepsis treatment be conducted in elderly patients who are critically unwell?
  4. How long do hospital stays contribute to terminally ill patients’ complications?
  5. The risks and causes of future depression
  6. How efficient is a balanced diet at minimizing osteoporosis risk?
  7. The Role of registered nurses in advancing care planning
  8. Various methods of delirium prevention in elderly individuals.
  9. The health risks and diagnosis of the urinary tract in elderly adults.
  10. Discuss necessary aged individual care techniques with fractures of hips.
  11. The molecular systems and preventative measures against adult Alzheimer’s disease
  12. Does nutrition cause a risk of dementia?
  13. How do older individuals control dental hygiene?
  14. Cardiovascular system effects that are age-related.
  15. Causes, signs, control, and therapy of elderly dehydration.
  16. The analytical senses and nervous system change in the elderly.
  17. Effective care strategies for alcohol abuse problems aged adults.
  18. What health emergencies are encountered by older cancer patients?
  19. Elderly heart failure available treatments.

Nursing literature review topics in Pediatric care

Use the below nursing literature review topics in pediatric care to save you the stress of selecting the right topic for your paper;

  1. The cells of Leukemia and immune systems in children
  2. How the pandemic has influenced children’s mental health
  3. Strategies to minimize children blindness risk in children acquiring oxygen therapy with the use of pragmatic language skills for Autism children
  4. Children’s Acute Leukemia and minimizing diagnosis and treatment that is painful
  5. Depression in Adolescents and the Vulnerability of psychological health
  6. Children’s Congenital Heart Disease and their mental problems
  7. Boosting acquisition of language for developmental disabilities in children
  8. Optimizing the treatment of cancer in children
  9. Is childhood obesity a public health issue
  10. Ethical issues discouraging nurses from giving care to adolescents

Nursing literature review Topics that are Quantitative

Using these topics for literature review in nursing that are quantitative will make you stand out amongst your peers;

  1. The appropriate medical approaches for stress management and information overload
  2. Describe and evaluate critical care in nursing.
  3. Pressure ulcer treatment methods in patients with hip fracture.
  4. Give a critical assessment of euthanasia and the related ethics.
  5. What are the nurses’ roles in educating and advocating for self-care?
  6. Differentiate between home care and nursing facilities.
  7. The prevalent heart attacks cause
  8. The obstacles involved in chronic diseases management
  9. Describe the healthy diet benefits.
  10. The efficient treatments of cardiovascular disease.

Nursing Literature Review Topics in Children

Let these nursing literature review topics in children make you a writing guru in the nursing field;

  1. The critical care pediatric requirements
  2. Examine the child mortality leading causes in the U.S.
  3. Managing childhood malnutrition strategies
  4. Children’s Tourette syndrome causes and therapy
  5. Autistic people optimal treatments.
  6. How can meningitis in children be avoided?
  7. Examine the newborn care development
  8. Aggressive fungal infections pathogenesis and control.
  9. Nutritional Health and Obesity in Children
  10. The practices of adolescents in medicine.
  11. Discuss Metabolic Syndrome and Neuroblastoma in Children.
  12. Childhood asthma and tracking approach.
  13. Explain the Adolescents’ antibiotic resistance.
  14. Infant antibiotic resistance.
  15. Social media impacts children’s dietary habits.

Nursing literature review Topics for Careers

Check these nursing literature review topics for careers and they will help you finish your literature review project on time;

  1. Clinical Rules and Principles of Nursing
  2. Management training of stress for evening shift workers.
  3. Nursing administration critical care
  4. Making reasonable medical decisions training
  5. The functions of a clinical nurse
  6. Primary gynecological training Guidelines
  7. The healthcare field diversity
  8. Between professional and medical care for others
  9. The appropriate strategy to compel seniors to eat.
  10. The Future of Nursing and the digital age
  11. No drug errors exercise
  12. Nursing experts
  13. The intensive care unit’s remote concerns
  14. Exceptional nursing procedures
  15. The best nurses’ leadership skills

To sum up

Writing a literature review in nursing is both a daunting and time-consuming task. It commences with choosing the relevant nursing literature review topics followed by embarking on conducting your topic research. Select ​familiar topics​ since this will make sure that you spend a shorter time carrying out the research and a long time while writing.

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