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100 + Top Nursing Research Topics

nursing research topics

Nursing students face a lot of challenges before they graduate and become certified nurses. There are a lot of demanding assignments and practical work that require their utmost attention. With a busy schedule, it can be difficult for you to handle all the assignments. There are a lot of research, writing, and necessary citations not to mention the need to uphold top quality for perfect grades.

Nursing research is a determinant of the nursing research topic of choice. Research has always been important, it helps in the growth and expansion of professions like nursing. Research means gathering up-to-date information to grow knowledge. There are various nursing research topics for students, this article is going to help you identify most of them.

Nursing research paper topics are hard to choose. As a student, you will be looking for something that has ready data and will get you favor and good grades from your professors. Well, all you have to do is choose a topic that you feel you can add something to. The idea is to come up with something new to avoid plagiarism. Make sure you have enough accurate data to support all your theories.

Components of a nursing research paper

There are a few necessary steps for you to follow to come up with the perfect research paper.

  • Title page

This page contains the nursing research topic of your choice and all the names of relevant authors.

  • Abstract

It’s a summary of the research paper. You must include the background, research methods, findings, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

It is an emphasis on the importance of the research and your study. Make sure you mention the already available data.

  • Methods

Give details on the research methods used and the thoughts of the involved researchers. Also, state what you hope to achieve.

  • Results

Here you should present all the available data from charts to tables that are meant to support your findings.

  • Discussion

State the limitations of your study and your suggestions.

  • Conclusions

What have you concluded from your research and how is it relevant?

Characteristics of a good nursing research

Good research is bound to answer the right questions and have the following characteristics.

  • Creation of knowledge

As I had stated earlier, a good nursing research topic allows you to help grow into a nurse, make new contributions, or polish the already existing knowledge.

  • Original content

Having currently dated content is of use in the finding of solutions. Good research has to have both characteristics of originality and independent points.

  • Accuracy

When it comes to research, the high content material is needed and it is mostly in the format of statistics and data analysis. This being the case, having accurate material is important.

  • Replicable

The research conducted should be able to produce the same results that were presented if carried out again.

  • Appropriate design

Different nursing research topics require different research methods. A researcher must use the most suitable and effective technique when doing their research.

  • Finding solutions

When conducting research, it is your job to answer all the necessary questions and solve issues related to the research topic.

  • Data storage

Good research involves good storage of data. As a researcher, you should make sure the information is easy to retrieve and will always be available for future generations.

Top nursing research topics

Top nursing research topics have a big range because of strategies, viewpoints, and elements. We will offer you a list of research topics for nursing students that are important as they offer jumping-off points during writing. The following is the list;

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Writing such research greatly relies on statistics and it is hectic. To acquire help to know where to focus when studying to write a quantitative nursing research topic, focus on the below list

  1. Unemployment and inflation rates relativity.
  2. Rate of poor members becoming entrepreneurs.
  3. Satisfaction in jobs and turnover of employee relationships.
  4. Mitigation of funds concerning climate adaptation.
  5. Economic status concerning educational achievement.

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

The topic sounds very complicated when put into consideration. The following list of a few points on EBP nursing research topics I have gathered below will provide you with assistance.

  1. EBP rating systems
  2. Skills present in EBP
  3. Educating in EBP
  4. Common misconceptions associated with EBP
  5. Challenges that present themselves to nurses on the topic of EBP
  6. The manual for EBP

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Children’s assistance and care is a topic one should be well versed in the writing of pediatric nursing research topics. These are some of the research topics in pediatric nursing.

  1. Knowledge nurses should have on the Confort Theory
  2. Expectations children have from pediatric nurses
  3. Pediatric nurse’s pain management methods
  4. Satisfaction with work and burnout periods
  5. Best practices for children pain management
  6. Heroes of pediatric care

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

The application of techniques and strategies during CCN is important. Some points illustrated below will offer assistance in the writing of CCN research topics.

  1. Gray Gorilla Syndrome
  2. Management of stress during critical care
  3. Critical care unit experience of grief
  4. Decision-making in nursing during critical care
  5. Technologies in critical care nursing
  6. Post-surgery for children in CCN
  7. Simulator training for new nurses

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

Research topics in this field are based on mothers almost to conceive or after birth.

  1. Inhibiting interactions between nurses and young mothers
  2. Neonatal palliative care
  3. Technologies present in neonatal intensive care
  4. Neonatal nursing vulnerabilities
  5. Neonatal units’ pain management
  6. Neonatal hypothermia

Mental Health Nursing Research Topic

The assistance of people with mental disorders has specific conditions. It is an important issue and the point below will assist in the writing of mental health nursing research topics.

  1. Military hospital patients that require mental assistance
  2. Factors that determine a successful collaboration between nurses, patients, and family members
  3. Mental health units’ emotional labor
  4. Transcultural mental practices
  5. Mental health medical assistance history
  6. Mental asylum acute patients
  7. Mental health department social control

Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. Plans by nurses for psychiatric care
  2. What doesn’t work for nurses when it comes to psychiatric care
  3. Contemporary practices present in psychiatric care
  4. Competence of cultural ethics in psychiatry
  5. Psychiatric nursing skills
  6. Creation of dialogue and the perspective of the nurse

Stigma present in psychiatric nursing

PICO Nursing Research Topics

Pico nursing research topics have a specific framework and are based on clinical questions. The clinical questions are divided into elements of patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome. The following questions below should be pillars during the writing of PICO nursing research topics.

  1. Is it effective to use toys or things that form distractions during the administering of needle vaccination?
  2. In the case of cancer patients, do pain diaries work?
  3. Is bed side reports important in overall patient care?
  4. During giving birth, is the lithotomy position ideal?
  5. High potassium intake effects on children with low blood pressure?
  6. In the NICU setup, is it advisable to use a cup instead of tubes?
  7. Which one is more effective in a comparison between nasal swabs and aspirate?
  8. Is working out of help to patients with hypertension?

Obstetrics Nursing Research Topics

Ob-gyns are known to provide quality care. They are very professional and good at what they do. This is one of the most sensitive nursing research paper topics and you need to be as keen and delicate when writing the papers.

  1. Relationship between EBP and obstetric care
  2. How do social factors affect obstetrics
  3. Which principles do ob-Gyn nurses follow
  4. Nurses in obstetrics taking Hi-Fi simulations
  5. Case studies on how obstetric nurses play their different gender-related roles
  6. How nurses help and manage depression in women
  7. How do obstetric nurses from different regions differ
  8. Important qualities that all obstetric nurses should have

Nursing education research topics

  1. Hindrances electronic health records have during the application
  2. Patient portal advantages
  3. Predictive analysis advantages
  4. Tele-psychiatry for remote patients
  5. Electronic case reporting advantages
  6. Registry of clinical data
  7. In the era of informatics, the evolution of cancer registries
  8. Cancer registries roles
  9. Management of information in cancer registries
  10. Electronic laboratory reporting advantages

To Wind-Up

There is intense pressure when choosing research topics in nursing education. Nursing students are always drained with assignments, exams, and practicals which take a large amount of time. Taking shifts in the hospital can hinder you from working on your nursing research papers. This article is meant to help ease the load of picking the right nursing research topic.

You will see various topics for nursing research and find one that best suits your needs. Always remember to follow all the requirements of your professor and aim to attain the highest academic scores to help you become a certified nurse. Click here to reach out to us.









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