Privacy policy

The type of data we mine as you make use of our services

When you come for our services, you are entrusting us with your data. The main aim of our privacy policy is to assist you to understand the data we collect, the reason we collect it, and how we use it. We’ve tried to maintain our privacy policy to the simplest level to enable you discover controls to manage your data and secure your confidentiality.

When you avail of our service, we endeavor to be transparent about how we are utilizing data and how you can safeguard your privacy. When you share your data with us, we promise to better your services! To help elaborate on our services, we’ve included examples and definitions for key terms where in case of any queries you can always get in touch with us.

Right to obtain, correct and delete data and to object to data processing

We give you the right to obtain, correct, and delete your private data and to oppose the processing of such information through a written request. We cannot be held liable for the content, exhibit, or any other materials accessible from the websites or external sources that are linked to us. We strive to install appropriate precautions to protect the safety of your personal information and to protect it from being tampered with or revealed to illegal third parties.

We use numerous technologies to gather and store data including cookies, pixel tags, databases, and server logs. You can set up your browser to be notified of all cookies since our services depend on them to operate accurately for things like recalling your language choices.

Management and updating of your data

You can apply our services in numerous ways that will control your privacy. When you sign in to our privacy policy you can review or edit your personal information by accessing the services you use and make use of your information preferences. Our choices do not relate to compulsory service communications that are part of some website services.

We have also put in place for you to analyze and manage data saved on your account. The type of service you use will be determined by how you can avail or manage your private data. You can receive promotional messages through SMS and email from our site that you can opt-out from by following the instructions of the message. When you’re signed out, you can control facts connected with your device.

Information we collect as you utilize our services

We gather info to offer better services to all our users from evaluating basic things to more complicated stuff.  When you are signed in, we obtain info that we store and handle as your private data. You yield part of our data directly when you design a personal account while we gather part of it when we record how you connect with our services.

The data we gather and how it is utilized rely on how you put our services into use, and how you control your privacy controls. We utilize services from other sites to assist us to discover a location on your IP address to personalize specific services to your location. When you’re not signed in we store the data we accumulate with special identifiers connected to the device you’re operating.

The data we compile and how it’s used

We gather through the numerous website services you utilize to give you a more flawless, appropriate, and customized experience. We store the data we gather from you when you are unverified separately from any data that automatically recognizes you. We use the facts we compile from the current services to help us create new ones and this improves our performance.

We utilize our data to guarantee that our services are functioning as intended such as troubleshooting cases that you bring to our attention. To boost your safety we have put in place mechanical and procedural security made to avoid particular data combinations. We use the info we gather to personalize our services for you including personalized search results and customized content. We also use information concerning the ads you interact with to assist advertisers to comprehend the efficiency of ad campaigns.

When you share your data

With your permission, we reveal your personal information to finish any transaction or offer any service upon your demand. We do not exchange your private data with individuals or companies external to our policy. We also offer you controls to analyze and control third-party sites.  We may also reveal personal info as part of a commercial transaction such as amalgamation or disposal of assets and notify involved users before personal information is transferred.

We distribute personal information among our controlled branches and subsidiaries and share it with sellers and agents working for us.  We’ll demand your precise consent to transfer any delicate personal data.