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Consequences Of Unethical Behavior In Nursing

Consequences Of Unethical Behavior In Nursing

Ethics are critical in both healthcare education and practice. Nurses are among the healthcare professionals on the front line in providing care to patients in healthcare organizations (Taghadosi et al., 2021). They are required to constantly improve their skills to make the right decisions when faced with dilemmas and conflicts in the process of offering care to patients (Taghadosi et al., 2021). As a result, one of the most significant objectives of a nursing master’s program is to equip nursing students with the necessary training in conjunction with ethics in their practice

Unethical Behavior in a Nursing Master’s Program

A typical example of unethical behavior in the nursing master’s program is academic cheating (Taghadosi et al., 2021). This involves committing fraud on a computer assignment, placement assignment, paper, report, or examination. Examples of cheating in academia include fabricating data that has not been gathered according to suitable methods (Taghadosi et al., 2021). Another example includes using materials like notes, smartphones, formula lists, or textbooks during examinations without permission from the professor. There are harsh disciplinary penalties for cheating, especially in nursing education (Taghadosi et al., 2021). Nursing students caught cheating can have their work carefully monitored or be placed on probation. Additionally, they could face suspension or be expelled from the nursing master’s program (Taghadosi et al., 2021). Such an offense could also be indicated in a student’s academic record, adversely affecting the student’s career.

Unethical Behavior in the nursing practice

Negligence is one of the most common unethical behavior in nursing practice (Helms, 2018). The primary responsibility of a nurse is to provide care to the patients. Negligence happens when the nurse does not meet a reasonable standard, leading to physical or mental harm to the patient (Helms, 2018). An example of negligence is here a nurse fails to monitor a patient properly. When nurses fail to monitor a patient’s condition adequately, they could miss vital signs, fail to seek a doctor’s assistance, or even fail to respond to a patient’s critical condition (Helms, 2018). These circumstances could potentially worsen a patient’s condition (Helms, 2018). When negligence occurs in nursing practice, the first step involves determining the person responsible for the negligence. Depending on the specific circumstances and the overall instance of negligence, the health organization can be found financially liable and legally at fault (Helms, 2018). Consequences to the nurse could include suspension, facing malpractice suits, firing, or even losing the practicing license.


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Compare and examine the consequences of unethical behavior in a nursing Master’s program and in the nursing practice by providing one example for each.

Consequences Of Unethical Behavior In Nursing

Consequences Of Unethical Behavior In Nursing

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