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150+ top nursing debate topics

nursing debate topics

A debate is a conversation based on the difference of opinions with each individual supporting their view points. When choosing nursing debate topics, it is best suitable for you to choose the most controversial point as the topic. The main and challenging part of writing a nursing debate paper is the topic selection. Like most papers, the nursing debate paper constitutes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

How to Write a Good Nursing Debate Paper

The selection of a topic is the initial part of writing a nursing debate paper. After selecting a good nursing debate topic, you should conduct research to have data on both fronts of the debate. Create an outline before writing the final piece. Ensure the nursing debate paper has an introduction, body, and a conclusion

  • The introduction is the point where you introduce the topic to be discussed. Give a short account of the topic. Ensure the introduction is captivating. Mention the thesis statement.
  • In the body is where you expound based on the research done. Each paragraph should have a specific topic. There is no limit to the number of paragraphs you should have. Evidence is offered in all forms.
  • The conclusion is a summary of key points mentioned in the debate. Reinstate your thesis statement.

After writing your nursing debate paper, you should proofread or ask for an extra eye. Correct all errors that are present in the paper before submitting.

How to choose topics for nursing debate

  • The topic should be around your expertise for you to have a sufficient amount of points.
  • You should be interested in the topic. This increases the level of quality of work you submit.
  • Consider the availability of data on the topic. If data about a topic is readily available, it increases the number of points to back the debate’s views

Nursing leadership debate topics

Leadership among nurses is an important aspect of providing high-quality care. Below are a set of examples of nursing leadership and management debate topics:

  1. Safeguarding employee interest
  2. Nursing Administration and management ethics
  3. The results of having a system with effective nursing leadership
  4. Nurse classification characteristics
  5. Debate on theories that are important to nursing leadership
  6. How to encourage nursing leadership in private hospitals
  7. Debate how patients should advocate opinions to the nursing leadership
  8. Do nursing graduates have leadership opportunities?
  9. Merits and demerit of Nursing Leadership
  10. Role of nursing leadership in conflict resolution
  11. How to transfer authority?
  12. Is it Important to be involved in conferences?
  13. Ways of implementing nursing leadership ideas
  14. Debate the intellectual capital theory and the Betty Newman theory

Healthcare nursing debate topics

  1. Period of rest of nurses after administering health care to one patient
  2. The debate about the quality of health care prisoners are receiving
  3. Expound on the origin of obesity
  4. Is home care for cancer patients efficient?
  5. Burnout occurrence among interns
  6. Dangers of using alternative medicine
  7. Measures and methods used to Control HIV/AIDS

Good nursing debate topics

  1. When it comes to vaccinating adolescents, what are some of the up-to-date systems used
  2. How are opioids used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis?
  3. What are some of the efficient stress management methods used by nurses?
  4. Is gaining weight during pregnancy something to be concerned with?
  5. Are vaccinations important in children and adolescents?
  6. Merits and demerits of abortion
  7. What are some of the methods used in pregnancy prevention?
  8. What are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of ADHD?
  9. Symptoms of primary autism
  10. Effects of antibiotic resistance on patients
  11. What roles do nurses play in handling patients?
  12. Importance of health care in prisons
  13. Does pet therapy help children with autism?
  14. How do nurses help patients with eating disorders?
  15. How do nurses assist in sexual safety methods?
  16. How effective is spiritual care
  17. What are some of the sexual disorders affecting women
  18. Comparison between home care and nursing homes
  19. Advantages and disadvantages of detecting breast cancer to victims
  20. Weighing the recovery methods after brain damage
  21. Pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes to quit
  22. Discuss athletic injuries and characteristics

Nursing debate topics on pain management

  1. Can injections be used as an innovative treatment idea
  2. Do nurses do a good job in the management of labor and pain during delivery
  3. Is cognitive hypnotherapy important during pain management?
  4. How do nurses help in the management of abdominal discomfort?
  5. Cancer patients experience a lot of pain during treatment, how can this pain be managed?
  6. What are some of the assessments taken to limit pain
  7. Is constipation considered damaging to the spinal cord nerves?
  8. How can headaches be managed in a therapeutic way
  9. How is pain experienced during hemophiliacs managed
  10. Is there a need for mobile pain management unit?
  11. Discuss bones repair and opiates
  12. Management of acute dental pain
  13. Discuss long-term pain management options
  14. How do you know the treatment required for bodily pain

Popular nursing debate topics

  1. Are nurses qualified enough to act in place of psychologists?
  2. What are some measures taken to curb alcohol addiction?
  3. Is teamwork more of an advantage than a disadvantage?
  4. Is depression present in young people more than in old people?
  5. Is the increase in the use of robots beneficial to the profession?
  6. Do fat individuals have a high risk of getting a heart attack?
  7. Is paying for nurses union beneficial to the well-being of nurses

Elderly care nursing debate topics

  1. Is age a factor that increases the probability of getting a stroke and cerebrovascular illness?
  2. Is there a relation between restless legs disorder and age?
  3. Does exercise reduce cardiovascular risk in elderly people?
  4. Is it harder to deal with the intensive care requirements of elderly people than normal requirements?
  5. Is frequent urination a side effect of bladder cancer treatment in elderly people?
  6. Do preventative strategies for dementia work?
  7. Is avoiding caffeine a precaution against getting Parkinson’s illness?
  8. Is aging a factor in changes in cognitive capacity and the nervous system?
  9. Does the immune system deteriorate with aging?
  10. Is it possible to have medical adherence for patients with dementia?
  11. Is organ failure in the elderly a result of malnutrition?
  12. Is massage therapy an efficient method for improving the mood and pain of elderly people?
  13. Does diet have an effect by increasing the rate of dementia occurrence in elderly people?
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of vaccinating elderly adults

Debate topics for nursing students

  1. Is nursing an art or a science?
  2. Can mentally ill old patients be allowed to make their end-of-life decisions?
  3. Are health breaks important for nurses?
  4. Is DNA banking beneficial?
  5. Should newborns be circumcised without anesthetics?
  6. Should nurses force vaccination on children?
  7. Is it necessary to have smoking areas in hospitals?
  8. View on nurses having a shared uniform?
  9. Stigmatization on fat nurses turning healthy?
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of cloning
  11. Is maintaining sexual pleasures a cause for rising C-section births?
  12. Is blood transfusion optional for patients who require it?
  13. Comparison between hiring from nursing school to university
  14. Should nurses be involved in designing elderly homes?
  15. Is exercise a paramount aspect of nurses?
  16. View on nurses marrying an individual under their care
  17. Can nurses donate organs to patients?
  18. Is hiring individuals with prison records a good choice?
  19. Pros and cons of spiritual intervention in nursing
  20. Should a nurse be fired or suspended when breaking the code to save a life?
  21. View on to what extent a nurse should offer an opinion when a patient makes a decision
  22. Is it imperative that we hire security for nurses due to the heightened sexual harassment?

Family presence during resuscitation

Subtopic on the nursing debate on family present during code:


  1. Knowing and comprehending that everything was completely done to try and save the life of the patient. This in turn helps as those present will give an account to the family members who were not present.
  2. Presence helped in the interpretation of the death scenario and most cases prevented the presence of after-effects of the death.
  3. Reduction in guilt. Helps the bereaved to not feel that they left their loved ones in a situation of crisis
  4. Enable having a spiritual connection with the patient and gives a chance for the family members to say goodbye.
  5. Expression of values of the patient to the staff or nurse.


  1. Family members feel pressurized to be present even though there is nothing to contribute and are causing disruptions to the working team.
  2. The emotional trauma that happens after experiencing a code situation
  3. Prolonged use of code measures due t the presence of family members
  4. Insensitivity risk by staff assuming members wish to be present

To wind up

Nursing topics can easily become argumentative. Nursing students can easily use debate topics in a way they can all learn from the experience. Nursing debate topics should contain factual information to back up each side of the argument.

The above list of debate topics is supposed to guide you when choosing a debate topic that suits your needs. It can be challenging to settle on a topic but look for something that is both interesting to you and the target audience. offers professional help in case you are stuck with writing nursing papers. We are available 24/7 and have expert writers in our midst. Come to us for assistance and will offer you quality nursing papers.

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