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How to Write a nursing research paper: Full Guide

how to write a nursing research paper

As a nurse, if you aspire to return to a nursing school to pursue your bachelor’s degree, you should occasionally familiarize yourself with the student challenges. Whether studying online RN or BSN program, you need to create time for training and refresh your writing expertise to generate a top-notch nursing research paper. Writing nursing research papers will educate you as a nursing student on the important skills that will help you in your nursing practice.

This article is an extensive summary of how to write a nursing research paper step by step.

  1. Study your research paper rubric and prompt

It is essential to comprehend the basics of writing a nursing research paper as per your professor’s viewpoint before you start writing. If you overlook this particular step, you will miss important points or make slight omissions that may disqualify your paper. If you discover that you cannot understand the given instructions, demand clarification before choosing your topic or commencing how to write a nursing research paper.

  1. Choose a topic on nursing research that you are passionate about

One of the features that many nursing students avoid is selecting a nursing research topic that fascinates them among the nursing research paper topics given. To stand out, if in any case you are permitted to select your topic, pick any topic you are passionate about. Since a nursing research paper is complex and has a comprehensive structure, make sure that your chosen nursing research topic has been analyzed in various scholarly journals.

  1. Organize your nursing research paper

Research papers in nursing schools can either be expository, argumentative, or analytical and are crafted in APA format. Be conversant with the instructions given on how to write a nursing research paper  Then, after familiarizing yourself with the needed word count and the topic, utilize your time on planning  how to write a nursing research paper. It is at this step you draft your paper structure to decide how to deal with the issue and the significant sections.

  1. Commence both your research and writing process early enough

To thrive on how to write a nursing research paper begin the process of your research early. While you conduct your research, it will be wise to build up your thesis statement, on the way. You can also choose the possible scholarly sources you will use. However, your paper sources must be, credible, relevant, and dependable.

  1. Your research must utilize scholarly databases only

Are you wondering where will students in nursing schools find assistance on how to write a nursing research paper? When writing your nursing research paper, you must adhere to the peer-reviewed journals that are published within the recent five years for authenticity and relevance. When writing your research paper, apply a critical instead of a descriptive approach.

  1. Plan your nursing research

After choosing your potential sources, arrange them in the folder using tools for citation management. Next, organize your bibliography with the corresponding information. With your research organized, commence how to write a nursing research paper as early as possible to create time to study, comprehend, critique, and submit ideas.

  1. Use management tools to organize your citations

The tools for Citation management will assist you to arrange your citation database that is connected with your research. you can also get your citation style from the numerous citation styles including, ASA, AMA, Harvard, or APA formats. You can produce bibliographies and then paste them into the research paper when you have finished. This will assist you prevent intentional plagiarism, which occurs when you first write and later on cite.

  1. Create a compelling thesis statement

Since your research is ready, understanding the scope, selected your topic, and arranged the research, it’s time you listed your central idea on how to write a nursing research paper  . You must have a convincing thesis statement which is similar to when crafting your research paper. It is the thesis statement that will set an understandable motive for your research paper and for that, it must be definitive.

  1. Draft the outline of your research paper

As with your bibliography, you must develop your outline on how to write a nursing research paper by following your assignment instructions. When asked to submit your outline for nursing research paper as the first part of your assignment, outline your professor’s illustration, requirements, or guidelines. However, if not needed to deliver your outline, ensure to organize your paper thoroughly.

  1. Commence writing your nursing research paper

It is at this step you start on how to write a nursing research paper and it is your outline that will lead you. When you craft your paper, involve all the citations relevant to your paraphrased items, quotes, and ideas from the respective authors. Always credit the words and ideas of other people and while quoting using the same words give the source and make use of quotation marks.

  1. Edit, brush up, and hand in the research paper on time

Make sure you have adhered to stringent requirements on how to write a nursing research paper to enable you edit it before submission. Commence editing of the content by studying the format, length, wording, and arrangement, and then proceed to analyze your thesis statement. You can also hire an editor to evaluate the needs, instructions, and research paper you have written.

How to write a research critique paper nursing

To write the best critique paper, you should observe a fluent thought flow in your assessment of the work. Introduce your topic, evaluate, interpret, and finally conclude it. The following are the four main steps on how to write a nursing research paper critique;

  1. Launch your discussion topic

Establish your critique paper topic to grab your author’s attention, you may use the 5W1H method in crafting the technical report. When you handle your nursing research critique paper, make sure you can give answers to why, how, where, and when questions. Making use of the method avoids the omission of important details.

  1. Analyze your research paper

Define your analysis tools to enable the classification of your abstract ideas exhibited into manageable portions. Tools advance your understanding and enable you to have a concise analysis. It is at this step that you clarify your paper or article once you have put in place your analysis basics.

  1. Interpret the research paper

Envision the incident in your mind to expound on your behavior in response to the event. Describe the significance of all the different paragraphs or sections. You must be able to answer how your write-up influences the general image of the study issue.

  1. Evaluate your paper

This is the final step on how to write a nursing research paper critique and it is here you will determine your paper’s worthiness and whether it surpassed your expectations. You also determine whether you were able to transmit data effectively. During this stage ensure that you have cited all the loopholes encountered.

Format of your nursing research critique paper

  1. The introduction

It is in the introduction you include the author’s name and title. Here, you generally describe your discussion topic, including the inferences or assumptions of the author. Ascertain your thesis statement, which will form your discussion basis.

  1. The body

Your paper’s body includes the examined article details and it resembles the discussion and results portion of the scientific paper. It defines your analysis interpretation and outcome. In conveying your argument, prove it by citing references properly to affirm it.

  1. The conclusion

Write an outstanding nursing research critique paper that integrates the important points of the paper scrutinized. Wrap up on how to write a nursing research paper critique with a general article interpretation whatever it is. This will create awareness for the future generation of nursing researchers who will look into the nursing profession.

The bottom line on writing a compelling nursing research paper

As a nursing student, you are conversant with nursing research papers at school since they are crucial in nursing courses for testing your general research skills. The nursing research paper is an important milestone in every nurse’s academic journey even though it’s a daunting and time-consuming task dreaded by almost every nursing student. If you hone your skills in writing a nursing research paper accurately, you’ll never be intimated by a poor grade.  Follow the above application tips on how to write a nursing research paper and rest assured of an A+ grade.

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