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The Social Media Addiction Video

The Social Media Addiction Video

Social Media Addiction is a video that focuses on three characters that have an addiction to digital devices or social media. One of the characters is a man who neglects family time to play video games all day, every day. Another of the characters is a lady who finds it hard to disconnect from her phone and stays all night following updates on social media. Her addiction escalated to a point where seeking validation, she began to send older men inappropriate pictures. There is also a boy addicted to video games. The boy spends approximately 15 hours playing the video game and lashes out at his parents for attempting to stop him from playing the game.

In the film, the brain scans of persons addicted to social media and digital devices, as well as those who are not addicted, are put in comparison to each other. Based on class readings, a person’s brain neurotransmitters are altered through addiction. The brain requires ever-increasing levels of dopamine to sustain an addiction and hence the subsequent repetitive actions by persons, in this case, social media and device addiction.

I think the film was biased in highlighting only two areas of social addiction. Perhaps it could have shown other characters, such as women addicted to online streaming of Soap Operas, young adults addicted to online gambling, etc.

The most interesting information I learned is that technology dependence is recognized as an addiction in Asian countries, including China. In the West, addiction is perceived to be more of a character flaw than an addiction. Although the World Health Organization (2018) has classified video game addiction as a mental health disorder, the West is yet to make any legislation to control this addiction. South Korea has taken steps and implemented the Shutdown Law or Cinderella Act which forbids any child 16 years or below from playing video games between 00:00 and 06:00 (CGI, 2015). I would recommend this video to the future class because it may help students see how their daily use of social media and digital devices may be a pointer to a bigger mental problem, and with that, those on a downward trend would minimize their use of the two.


CGI. (2015). South Korea Special-Internet Gaming Shutdown Law aka ‘Cinderella Curfew.’

World Health Organization (2018). Addictive behaviors: Gaming disorder.


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The Social Media Addiction Video

Please watch the following film: Social Media Addiction Then upload Reaction Paper 3 under this Reaction Paper 3 Assignment Link


Student must discuss the following points in reaction papers (in ESSAY FORMAT; not numbered questions):

  • One paragraph summary (at least 3-4 sentences) of what documentary film/movie was about and if there was any bias (This means: is the film presented from a particular biased standpoint? Or does the film present a balanced viewpoint, showing all opposing sides?).

    The Social Media Addiction Video

    The Social Media Addiction Video

  • How does this documentary film/movie connect or relate to OUR CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well as to your personal life? (This is very important! Make strong, specific class connections. If you state, “The film is about addiction and the class is about addiction,” that is NOT a strong, specific connection, and you will not get full credit. Gives lots of details! Refer to the eText and other sources we’ve been discussing!).
  • What did you learn in this documentary film/movie in relation to ideas we have covered in class? (State something NEW you learned about the topic from the documentary).
  • What was your reaction and opinion of the documentary film/movie, and would you recommend it to future classes? (This is where you provide your critique of the film. Explain WHAT makes it recommendable or not; Explain WHY you think it’s a good–or bad–film)

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