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The Link Between Health And Behavior

The Link Between Health And Behavior

There have been shifts in the paradigms in the 21st century governing human health and behavior in the modern Western world. There has been a shift from pathological diagnostics and the focus on detailed biological analysis to humans’ complex interactions with the environment. Also, with the economic and socio-political processes. There are challenging systems models in genetics, neuroscience, immunology, and complex ways of comprehending interactions, such as in artificial intelligence, socioeconomic, social media technologies, and epidemic modeling that will impact the link between health and behavior (Stamatakis et al., 2019).

Health and Behavior: How They Affect the Social Determinants

Health begins in our communities, workplaces, homes, neighborhoods, and learning institutions. People understand that when they take care of themselves, by, for instance, eating well and seeing a doctor when he or she is sick, to mention a few, all are influencing their health status and health. Moreover, health is determined by access to economic and social opportunities, cleanliness of the water, quality of schooling, clean air and nature, communities, homes, neighborhoods, and the nature of social relationships and interactions. The situation in which people live in explaining why some people in the United States are healthier than others.

Healthy people behave positively. These people emphasize the essential of discoursing social determinants. And behavior. Social determinants create physical and social environments, promoting good health to all people and, eventually, good behavior as one of the paradigms objectives for the last years. WHO is sharing this address, and other United States initiatives like National Partnership for Action to End, Health Disparities emphasize this.

The social determinants of health and behavior among healthy human beings are intended to establish ways to develop physical and social environments that promote good health for all and good behavior (Daniel et al., 2018). People living in America deserve an equal chance to make choices leading to good behavior and health. This way, people can live in good ways and promote a healthy relationships between them because of positive behavior towards each other.


Behavior and health paradigms have been examined relative to their fundamentals in public health and professional nursing. The concept is central to research and public health nursing. It is congruent with both public health and professional nursing. The paradigms of health in the relationship between behavior and health are evident in healthiness (Michie, 2018). The paradigm of health and behavior focuses on promoting health and disease prevention. Nowadays, the general shift is toward the health paradigm. Disease prevention can be included as an alternative view, perhaps the health paradigm. Disease, being one of the numbers of factors that affect individuals’ health and behavior, is acknowledged, and simultaneously noted that disease scope is narrow than health. The pattern of health and behavior relationship is achieved.


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Using the paradigms of health, discuss the link between health and behavior.  Describes how this relationship affects social determinants of health.

The Link Between Health And Behavior

The Link Between Health And Behavior

Word limit 500 words.  Please make sure to provide citations and references (in APA, 7th ed. format) for your work.

3 references in the period from 2019-2023

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