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How to write a philosophy of nursing essay: Definition and Types

philosophy of nursing essay

Writing a nursing philosophy essay will assist to develop your writing skills and expertise to mold you into the professional you need to be to realize your nursing career dream. In case you doubt your prowess in writing your nursing philosophy or you simply have a fast-approaching deadline you can always get in touch with us for assistance.

This article elaborates on how to write a good philosophy of nursing essay step by step.

What is a philosophy of nursing essay

A philosophy of nursing essay is a statement that defines a nurse’s merits, views, and professional principles for the nursing career. Merriam- Webster dictionary define philosophy as the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group. A nursing philosophy is backed by a personal nursing definition that may appear to be more passionate or hypothetical compared to what you have indicated. Managing to clarify nursing in this manner- as more than a profession puts in place the tone of your entire philosophy.

How to write a nursing philosophy essay

As a nursing student, you have a personal philosophy of nursing whether you are aware or not and this comprises your philosophy of the nursing career. Follow the steps below to write your philosophy of nursing essay

  1. Determine your motivating factor in nursing

Recall why you selected nursing over all the other fields. Remember the people and instances that motivated you to become a nurse to comprehend why you selected this profession above any other.

  1. Consider why nursing is crucial to you

While writing your philosophy of nursing essay you have to evaluate the advantages of studying a nursing program and educate people on the significance of healthcare. Integrate what you are fond of into your nursing philosophy essay to boost motivation and association with your nursing role.

  1. Account for your nursing strengths

Being aware of your skills can assist you to utilize your philosophy statement to transform your potential as a nurse to continue upgrading them. You can either list the nursing interpersonal skills and attributes required or the expertise that compels you to be an outstanding nurse. Then choose the few that you are proficient at or the ones you believe are of major influence to you as a nurse.

  1. Sum up your values

Record your traits that form the basis of how you view patient care as a medic. Then relate how these personal virtues pertain to your caregiving role.

  1. Analyze your nursing aspirations to have a positive impact

You must also include your nursing ambitions in your philosophy of nursing essay which can inspire you and lead you in progressing your profession.

  1. Amend your nursing philosophy to your nursing career progress

While you grow in your nursing profession and individual and professional adversities, your perspective on the nursing career and your nursing aspirations can change. To make sure that your nursing philosophy advances in correlation with you evaluate your philosophy statement and revise it.

  1. Describe your values and conscience

Be ready to demonstrate your effort to connect your ethics and skills to advance your nursing practice and influence change.

Personal philosophy of nursing college essay

Many nursing schools will require you as a future student to include an essay that elaborates on why you chose nursing as your profession. You can craft your initial personal philosophy of nursing essay to clarify to your dream school what made you study nursing. It will also expound on the features you possess that will qualify you to be a successful nurse and what your nursing professional goals are. As a nurse, you possess a personal philosophy of nursing regardless if you comprehend it or not.

Different types of nursing philosophy

There are various types of nursing philosophy which include the following:

  1. Idealism nursing philosophy

Idealism concerning philosophy means a collection of philosophies that declare reality is basically intellectual and mentally created or otherwise irrelevant.

  • Pragmatism nursing philosophy

It is derived from the Greek phrase “pragmatic” which means business. It is a logical method of ascertaining the definition of an intellectual concept.

  1. Realism nursing philosophy

It is a science philosophy that affirms that Science can give us access to things that exist on their own.

  1. Philosophical theism nursing philosophy

Several philosophical theists are convinced that God exists by philosophical arguments while others claim that religious faith can never be backed by logical argument.

  1. Romanticism nursing philosophy

Romanticism is an extensive argumentation in philosophy, political theory, and the historic period at the peak in England, France, and Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

  1. Theistic realism nursing philosophy

A form of philosophy based on the concept that God is real operates in the creation and is understandable via the senses and argument. This makes theistic realism stands as the center between philosophical realism and fideism.

  1. Naturalism nursing philosophy

It is a belief in the philosophy that all things are derived from natural features and effects and it eliminates supernatural or religious explanations.

What is your personal philosophy of nursing essay

A philosophy of nursing essay involves meditation of your views, concepts, and merits with direct practice. ​My philosophy of nursing essay started with trying to answer what is nursing. It is mainly one of holistic care and giving compassionate ambulatory care to the ill and their loved ones. This is because I believe that to offer service as a committed nurse is a form of repaying society what it merits.

Nursing philosophy examples portfolio

Nearly all nursing schools demand nursing students to generate a nursing portfolio. A nursing portfolio is a compilation of documents that show your achievements, capabilities, and skills. It is a verification of your nursing readiness, licensure, and resume. The following are nursing philosophy examples portfolio:

  1. Becca Silva’s Nursing Portfolio

Managing the learning requirements of patients and recognizing behaviors that advocate for well-being are basic nursing roles in the healthcare environment. It is essential for you as a nurse to comprehend that although you may handle identical interventions with other nurses, the delivery of education is different.

  1. Shane de Gracias capstone nursing portfolio

As a nurse, you must be determined to give quality care to every patient which will be allocated to you with benevolence, competence, and understanding. You must accord your patients similar respect and honor you would also like to get. You can comfortably convey your philosophy of nursing into your place of work.

Four components of nursing philosophy.

The following is a summary of the main components that you must take into account when creating a personal nursing philosophy

  1. Role

It refers to you as the giver of care and your enrollment in the nursing career. The role highlights your accountability to patients and the career while giving and controlling patient care.

  1. Knowledge

It involves the academic and clinical practices you have gained and how this expertise contributes to your caregiving role.

  1. Values

Values are views that pilot your attitude, conduct, and moral decision as a nurse. Values may be individualized or professional and are influenced by cultural influences, personal requirements, and connections.

  1. Process

It is the system by which you will apply and change the nursing interventions as a nurse if necessary. The process of creating a nursing philosophy analyzes your nurse’s obligation for utilizing the process of nursing on an ongoing basis to encourage favorable patient outcomes.

Personal philosophy of nursing essay examples

Florence Nightingale is a famous nursing writer who assisted to advance a basic philosophy of nursing essay that operates today. She championed change in healthcare organizations to use progressive equipment to provide healthcare services. The following are also personal philosophy nursing examples written by nursing students:

  1. Meghan McGahan

Nursing is above curing an illness since it concentrates on the discharge of standard patient care that is personalized to the requirements of every patient.

  1. Brandi Dahlin

My philosophy emphasizes that nurses are liable to give the public secure, holistic, personalized care. You must keep in mind that our patients are not the number of rooms or health issues but persons that need and merit specialized attention and concern.

The fundamentals of a custom philosophy of nursing essay

As a nursing student, you can never skip writing a nursing philosophy essay as it is crucial in your academic journey. Follow the above guide on how to write a philosophy of nursing essay keenly and you will be assured of a high-quality philosophy of nursing essay. Become popular in your learning institution as the top student by adopting our online nursing writing services!

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