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What is health psychology and 100 health psychology topics

Health Psychology Topic

Health psychology is the study of how biological, social, and psychological factors influence health and illness. Psychologists in the sector try to comprehend certain behavior such as why patients refuse to adhere to medical advice and effective ways to change poor health habits.

Importance of health psychology

Achieving wellness is complicated and may require certain specialists interested in why certain behaviors are present during the procedure. Consideration of factors present during the administration of health care is important as it provides solutions.

Studies of behaviors such as emotional eating and psychosomatic illnesses provide the link between emotions and behavior. Through this study, solutions to consequences brought forth by the behavior are tackled. In case you are writing a health psychology dissertation topic, the defined sector will fall on exercise and eating behavior topic ideas.

The expertise acquired by a psychologist is practiced in different settings that mostly include private practices, hospitals, rehabilitation, and university. Enabling people to make choices that are of positive effect on the patient and their family is the main agenda of the sector.

How to choose the best topics related to health psychology

When writing, the need for captivating topics that are informative is important. In this section, we will have a conversation on the main points to use when choosing a topic.

  • Develop a list of topics that you are going to skim through when choosing a potential topic.
  • Make use of ideas since research papers require writing based on a hypothesis.
  • Do research on the topic and have different sources. Have prerequisite information and data on the topic.
  • Choose a topic that you are very comfortable expounding and talking about.

Neuropsychology health topics ideas.

  1. How do you know how a color tastes?
  2. Which junction in the brain assists a person to shift attention and perceive things?
  3. Different types of amnesia present after brain damage.
  4. Research and analysis of cognitive process and memory loss for information acquired before amnesia.
  5. Define and expound dementia affecting language, emotions and behavior
  6. In the section on time perception, what brain structures are involved?
  7. Magnetic resonance imaging of an autistic brain.
  8. Buddhist monk’s brain functional imaging to comprehend zazen, Samantha-vipassana and walking meditation.
  9. Effects of meditation in the aspect of epigenetic changes on the brain
  10. Comprehension of neuroplasticity and cerebral reorganization in patients going through removal or disconnection of half of the brain.

Mental health topics ideas

  1. Role of factors present in the environment in triggering depression.
  2. Schizophrenia comprehension in the medical world is up to date.
  3. How mental health is endangered by communal factors and public events in the population.
  4. Incident rates of post-traumatic stress disorder paced concerning personal traits present in the victims.
  5. What triggers the onset of multiple personality disorder?
  6. Recurrent behaviors are expressed by people with OCD
  7. Dementia types and associated symptoms
  8. Study of sleep paralysis and cataplexy and the similarities and differences present.
  9. Circadian rhythm disruption is a characteristic depression symptom.
  10. Symptoms and impact of ADHD on life quality.

Research topics on developmental mental health

  1. Discuss the different types of self-reflection amongst children
  2. The amygdala helps adolescents detect threats and respond to them
  3. Association of old age concerning psychology.
  4. Similarities and differences in mirror test in children and animals.
  5. Evolution of memory from a short term in early age to elderly
  6. Is discipline a necessity in developing the personality of children?
  7. Can we say men are affected by midlife crisis more than women?
  8. A child that has been neglected emotionally will express it in their adult life.
  9. Care, love, freedom, safety, and being understood and supported are some of the children’s fundamental needs.
  10. Is child abuse a factor co-occuring disorders?

Health science topics for research paper

  1. What is the role of psychology in assisting people with eating disorders
  2. How is group therapy efficient in specialized treatment?
  3. Does meditation technique help manage chronic pain?
  4. When trying to help drug addicts quit, what are the most effective forms of interventions?
  5. Do drunkards in rehabilitation programs learn something from the twelve steps of quitting alcoholism present in the program?
  6. Are there approaches in cancer patients used to help relieve stress and avoid depression?
  7. Is physical exercise a stress reliever and mood regulator
  8. Can you say cognitive abilities are affected by being active and interacting with people?
  9. What are some of the effective communication strategies used by nurses to encourage patients with breast cancer and heart disease to undergo regular screening?
  10. What is the psychological interpretation of the Alcoholics Anonymous Rehabilitation Program regarding patience believes?

Forensic psychology health topics

  1. When it comes to it, can you rely on an eye-witnesses memory?
  2. What are the consequences of depending on eye-witnesses?
  3. Are there laws that govern the minimum wage of an eye-witness?
  4. What are the rules that help detect false memory in witnesses?
  5. How can you determine a person is fit enough to stand trial?
  6. To what extent can you interact with a criminal/witness during a court session for maximum co-operation?
  7. The laws of forensic call out for a person to carry themselves with the utmost respect.
  8. How can you access evidence collected through violation of constitution?

Exercise and eating behavior topic ideas

  1. What are the best strategy forms and ideas for losing weight?
  2. Dealing with situations that involve grief and loss.
  3. Reasons behind depression being more prominent in women than in men
  4. Easing of seasonal depression and the symptoms present.
  5. Understanding panic attacks and the causes that trigger them.
  6. Meditation as a pain relief remedy and the results.
  7. Management of stress that occurs to patients who have the ailment of breast cancer.
  8. Benefits of exercise and the results.
  9. Communication techniques that are effective with patients who require assistance.
  10. Suicide prevention programs aid students who are in suicidal moments.

Experimental health psychology research topics

  1. Influence of Colors on Learning
  2. Music affects psychological response.
  3. Personality check with the choice of music
  4. The difference in view concerning the world in the aspect of creative people
  5. Effects of Conformity on Someone’s Behavior
  6. Stroop Effect statement about our brains.
  7. Is excessive use of social media have the same level of comparison to drug addiction?
  8. Do colors affect the mood present and around them?
  9. Is the smell of something of great effect on the taste when consuming?
  10. Effects of Colors on a psychological basis

Health psychology dissertation topics

  1. Qualitative investigation into the attitude of health with autistic kids
  2. Primary investigation into teenagers’ health concerns when having a conversation about a sedentary lifestyle and conscious behavior change.
  3. How challenging is it to change health-related behavior?
  4. Cultural relevance when considering personal choices about health care.
  5. Psychological impact in the management of diabetes when it comes to young adults
  6. Sleep disorders associated with review autism.
  7. Expounding on behaviors associated with women facing fertility issues
  8. Attitude to the cultural factor when dealing with a look for help in terms of mental issues
  9. The perspective of wet workers that include masons and plumbers on the topic of skincare
  10. Insomnia in Childhood and its Effect on sleeping habits in Adults.

Family health and safety topic ideas

  1. Mechanisms of Coping with grief
  2. Psychological adjustments to illness
  3. Definition of an illusion of self
  4. Child social society importance
  5. Identity importance in interpersonal relationships.
  6. Effect of the environment on a person.
  7. Difficulties that are present in learning and the ways to help
  8. How to know a cooperative relationship is efficient
  9. Addiction results in the family of the victim
  10. Effects of Genetics on social relationships

Social health research topics for psychology college students

  1. Hate crime psychological effects.
  2. Mental Health in relation to Homelessness
  3. Can we say attractive people are often favored when working or looking for opportunities?
  4. How do military interrogations use psychology
  5. Methods of adopting good habits into your life
  6. Does abortion affect women mentally and emotionally?
  7. Effects of Miscarriages on couples
  8. Sports psychology and its importance
  9. Can we say gut microbiota triggers depression?
  10. Effects of a Bad and toxic relationship

In conclusion

When you consider the procedure provided above and choose a suitable topic for your work, it is important to note that expounding using highly contented material is important. The instructions, tips, and ideas are meant to give a clue on how to write a nice paper. Hope you have acquired the necessary information required to tackle your problem. In case you need more help , you can visit us at

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