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Causes of Death

Causes of Death

Causes of Deaths among African American and non-Hispanic White infants

In 2017, more than 22,000 infants (0-1 year) died in the US before their first birthday, at an overall rate of 5.8 deaths in every 1,000 births, according to a CDC report (CDC, 2021). However, the children who are likely to survive their first year vary greatly. The report noted that in 2017, the infant mortality rate for infants of African American ethnicity was 10.97 in every 1,000 births – more than double the rate of non-Hispanic White infants, with rates of 4.67 in every 1,000 births (CDC, 2021). The causes of death among infants of these two ethnic groups also significantly differed.

According to the CDC report (2017), African American infants were more than three times more likely to succumb to preterm birth-related issues than White non-Hispanic infants. Infants who survive preterm births may face issues with breathing, seeing, or hearing, as well as poor development and many other long-term health complications. This reflected the high cases of preterm-related problems that cause deaths among African American infants.

The most common causes of death and infant mortality rates for African American and non-Hispanic infants White (respectively) were as follows in 2017: birth defects (8.22 and 1.07), low birth weight (2.42 and 0.63), Maternal Complications (4.67 and 0.24), sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (3.91 and 0.35) and accidental injuries such as suffocation (3.97 and 0.311) (CDC, 2021).

Additionally, maternal behavioral and demographic factors such as single parenting, teenage pregnancy, alcohol consumption during pregnancy and after birth, and prenatal care accessibility are key predictors of infant mortality (CDC, 2021). Other than single parenting, all of these factors are more prevalent in African Americans than in White non-Hispanic mothers.


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Causes of Death

Using the CDC website, conduct a search to compare the causes of death among two ethnicities of the same age or two different ages of the same ethnicity.

Causes of Death

Causes of Death

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