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Work Trait Differences

Work Trait Differences

Work Trait Differences
Generations Work Ethic Workplace View on

Respect for Authority

Workplace View on

Time at Work

Leadership Style Communication

Baby Boomers



Workaholic- 60 hr. work weeks

Originally skeptical of authority but are becoming similar to Workaholics Invented 50 hr. work week Visibility is Consensus/ Consensual





Like the personal touch from Managers.

Traditionalists- the key
Work long hours to establish self- worth and identity and fulfillment Time equals


Get consensus- include them or they may get offended.


Establish a friendly rapport.

Learn what is important to them.
Generation X Balance Skeptical of Project Competence Blunt/Direct


Has the potential to bridge the generation gap b/w youngest and oldest workers.


Don’t mico- manage.

authority oriented
Work smarter

and with


Get paid to

Everyone is

the same

greater output, Will test get job done
not work

longer hours.



Challenge others
Self-reliant Want structure Ask why
& direction
Ambitious Will test Effective Achievers TBD (this group has not spent much time in the




Use positive, respectful, motivational, electronic communication

Generation Y/Millennials  

What’s next?

authority but

often seek out

workers but

gone @5PM

authority on dot.
Multitasking figures when View work
looking for as a “gig” or
Tenacity guidance. something




that fills the time between weekends. so this characteristi c is yet to be determined) Communicate in person if the message is very important.


Use email and voice mail as #1 tools.


Generation Z/Boomlets

Motivated by money and job security.


Need frequent feedback on their performance.

Prioritize fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce Embrace flexibility They’re breaking away from institutional structures They expect to work with modern technology
Driven by individual performance and competition.


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MHA 543 Group Assignment Week 5

Work traits vary considerably between various generations. Each individual has a unique manner of interacting with others and solving problems or addressing issues that arise. In this assignment, you will address work trait differences and how these differences might impact organizational culture and succession planning.

Work Trait Differences

Part I: Individual Work
Assume you are a human resources intern at a major healthcare organization that employs more than 500 people. The HR manager has asked you to reflect on work trait differences among 4 generational worker groups and evaluate how these might impact organizational culture and succession planning for an upcoming board meeting. She requests the following:

Create a chart that outlines the work trait differences between the following generations:

Baby Boomers

Generation X

Generation Y/Millennials

Generation Z/Boomlets

Share your chart with your team.

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