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What Can Digital Sociology Offer to Employment

What Can Digital Sociology Offer to Employment

Technology is such an integral aspect of our lives today, but how does it affect the other facets of our lives? Technology has been making strides in industries such as education and entertainment. The way that technology has impacted the way we find jobs, do jobs and train for those jobs. In the future, I foresee digital technology making the way we do such activities much easier. A downside, however, is that some manufacturing jobs are being replaced by computer-operated machines.

One of the easiest places to start looking for a job is on the Internet. With an easy “Google” search, millions of results can come up for job postings. There are websites that specialize in posting job openings. In my personal experience, this has made finding a job very easy. They often post a direct link to the company’s website or how to go about the application process. With the application process being so easy, individuals are more likely to apply for jobs. Once individuals get these jobs, the training process often has an aspect of technology in it. For example, the summer camp that I work for has online Youth Protection and Severe Weather Training that all employees must do before arriving for their first day of work. Along with this training, the handbook and a copy of the contract are also on this online service. This makes it so that when there is face-to-face time, it is spent on more hands-on training instead of paperwork and seminar-type training.

Technology has played a part in increasing unemployment rates in some areas while increasing employment rates in others. Factory jobs, such as good production and other manufacturing plants, may use computer-operated machines that require little to no human supervision. With this, however, the technology for these machines needs to be developed by computer engineers. Some jobs still do require humans to operate the controls or perform tasks. For example, construction work. Construction is an industry that requires humans to do that work with the help of machines. The outrage that “robots are taking our jobs” is an argument that I find quite humorous. While yes, we do use more technology today, these machines and technology are making our jobs easier to do. Along with this, there is technology all around us. If we did not use it in our manufacturing and in our other industries, it would just be going to waste on Youtube videos and goofy pictures.

A big change that has been brought with new technology is the way that individuals meet with others. Teleconferencing has become so much more popular, making it easier for those across the country and even the world to meet and talk. This has decreased the downtime that one may need to travel for a meeting, leading to high productivity. A structural change is that some companies have had to hire people specifically for advertising on social media because it is such an interesting and wide audience.

Digital technology has improved the way we work. It is now integrated in all aspects of our lives and I can not wait to see what else developers will come up with.


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How has having access to digital technology positively contributed to increasing employment?
What role has digital technology played in increasing levels of unemployment?

What Can Digital Sociology Offer to Employment

What Can Digital Sociology Offer to Employment

Discuss some of the structural changes and workforce changes that organizations have had to make in the last 5 years to account for advancements in technology. How has this impacted society?

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