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Week 8 Discussion Response

Week 8 Discussion Response

Great post! I liked how you simplified and explained the concepts of osteoarthritis. To add to your insightful discussion, osteophytes can also enable physicians to distinguish osteoarthritis from different types of arthritis (Wong et al., 2016). Prolonged use of NSAIDs is highly discouraged due to the negative effects on the stomach, heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. In worst-case scenarios, the use of NSAIDs can lead to death (Hauser, 2010). Obese patients suffering from osteoarthritis have shown immense improvement, especially in the relief of pain—the pain relief results from the reduction of body weight that weighs on the joints. To promote weight management, physical exercise is encouraged. Older patients have specifically recorded significant improvements after participating in different types of physical exercise for at least three months. Their physical performance, cases of disability, and pain relief are common observations among the population. Some recommended physical exercises include bicycle training and water-resistive activities, which are of low impact. These activities improve the tone and strength of the peripheral muscles and cardiovascular system endurance without leading to any injuries that may result from excessive pressure on the joints (Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, 2021). Thus, all osteoarthritic patients should embrace physical exercise for weight management as opposed to relying on NASDs.


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Week 8 Discussion Response

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    Week 8 Discussion Response

    Week 8 Discussion Response

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