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Week 5-Discussion Question-Personal Theory Improvement

Week 5-Discussion Question-Personal Theory Improvement

Revised Theory: How to Prevent Pressure Sores in the Intensive Care Unit

Caring for every patient in the Intensive Care Unit as a nurse should not only focus on medical management but also a holistic approach to ensuring the patient’s quality of life improves and complications arising from a hospital stay are minimal. One of the major complications among ICU patients is the development of pressure sores, which threaten their recovery and may result in infections that may lead to disability and death. There are ways to prevent pressure sores, including using a ripple mattress that reduces the contact pressure between the skin and the surface, constant hourly turning of the patient, and positioning patients in the ICU (Shi, C,2020).

According to King’s Conceptual System and the theory of goal attainment, human beings are the focus of nursing, and nurses are the primary players in the healthcare system who determine the objectives and methods for assisting individuals and families in achieving health promotion, maintenance and restoration (Whelton. B, 2019). Nurses must be able to observe and analyze behavior as well as intervene in the behavioral world to help individuals and groups cope with health, sickness, and crisis. There is a need to assess the patients in the ICU, communicate and identify their needs, plan for the interventions that will maximize their health and speed up their recovery, implement the plans made, and assess the outcomes through how the patient is responding to care.

Pressure sores are localized injuries to the skin and underlying tissues, mostly over bony prominence, which result from prolonged, unrelieved pressure due to impaired physical mobility. Critical thinking of nurses is needed here for the prevention of ulcers by considering the patient care and complications that may result. Clinical Quality Measure can be used to measure the outcomes of the patient according to interventions used to prevent pressure sores if they are effective and helpful to the patient and also, communicating with the patient is key in determining the effectiveness of using a ripple mattress in preventing pressure sores.


Whelton, B. (2019). The Humanistic Foundations of Imogene King’s Theory of Mutual Goal Attainment and Implications.

Shi, C., Dumville, J. C., Cullum, N., Rhodes, S., & McInnes, E. (2020). Beds and mattresses for treating pressure ulcers (Protocol).


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Week 5-Discussion Question-Personal Theory Improvement

Use the theory that you developed in week two. Improve it by using the information you have obtained in the intervening weeks. Use the Conceptual – Theoretical – Empirical Model (CTE) to link the operational definitions with the empirical indicators with the theoretical concepts and the conceptual model components.

Post your revised theory and explain how you would measure the concepts and proposition in a research study.

    • Length: A minimum of 300 words, not including references

      Week 5-Discussion Question-Personal Theory Improvement 1

      Week 5-Discussion Question-Personal Theory Improvement 1

  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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