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Week 3 – Political Economies Matrix

Week 3 – Political Economies Matrix

Develop a matrix that compares and contrasts the political economies in three selected countries.

Week 3 Matrix Assignment
Comparisons China North Korea Japan
Type of political economy Communist Centrally planned Mixed Economy
availability of healthcare resources The supply of healthcare resources is inversely related to the degree of decentralization. efficient health system – until the 1970s, a state-funded and state-managed public health system based

on the Soviet model

There is an availability of medical resources that boosts various free healthcare services, including screening.
access to healthcare Availability of basic healthcare services to the population with insurance coverage. Universal healthcare for every individual. Free medical attention to the Citizens. Payment for personal medical services is offered by a universal health care insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set by a government


healthcare delivery system It consists of both public and private medical institutions and insurance programs. Provides clinical medicine, Koryo medicine, and preventive medicine. It constitutes a physician system of independent geographic sectors and a centralized delivery system while maintaining free universal

health coverage.

It has achieved satisfactory demographic health at a reasonably low cost.
How Effective is the system? Availability of Rural Co-operative Medical Care System which accessible and affordable to every


Includes a national medical service and health insurance system. 30% responsibility to every patient regardless of the services consumed.
population health outcomes 95% success Poor 98% success
Development Developed Underdeveloped Developed
Healthcare facilities Advanced

healthcare facilities


Healthcare facilities

Advanced healthcare facilities
International ventures




Stable international


Unstable international ventures Stable international


Medical infrastructure High-Tech medical infrastructures Poor medical infrastructure Advanced medical Infrastructures


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Week 3 – Political Economies Matrix

Develop a matrix that compares and contrasts the political economies in three selected countries.

For each country indicate the following; 1) Type of political economy, 2) availability of healthcare resources, 3) access to healthcare, healthcare delivery system and efficacy, and population health outcomes

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