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W5 Culture-Discussion response

W5 Culture-Discussion response


Thank you for sharing your post. There is a perfect storm that is brewing in the nursing profession. The number of senior citizens in need of complex medical care is increasing and set to continue to do so. There are more than 1 million nurses who are expected to leave the profession. The reason for these two phenomena is the baby boomer generation. However, nurses have continued working over the past few years until an older age. This trend has enabled, at the moment, to mitigate the problem of nursing shortage because of aging nurses delay the age at which they retire by 2.5 years on average

The Health Affairs Research (2017) indicated that there were approximately 136,000 more RNs than normally would be at one time, which may have made it more challenging for new graduate nurses to land jobs. Nonetheless, this luck is likely to end because each year has seen 60,000 RNs have left the job market every year since 2012. Health Affairs estimated that by the end of this decade, more than 70,000 RNs will be retiring every year.

For employers, the fact that nurses are delaying their retirement means that they can continue relying on nurses who are both tried and tested. The Pew Charitable Trusts points out that for some time, nursing jobs will remain open over long periods of time as new graduates struggle to land their first jobs (Nurse Recruiter, n.d). This is because employers prefer to have ready nurses to start working right away. This is because new graduates will often need to be mentored and trained on the job compared to older nurses.

Experienced RNs have a higher likelihood of being more adept in the identification of complications and any unforeseen changes in patient conditions in a faster way, and can respond in an appropriate manner. Older nurses are also more likely to have prior knowledge on how to manipulate the culture of the organization and get things done, as well as serve as mentors and role models to the newer nurses. Lastly, older nurses bring to the organization expertise that is subject-specific as well as historical, cultural, and instructional perspectives that are of great value in the workplace.


Health Affairs Research (2017). How Should We Prepare For The Wave Of Retiring Baby Boomer Nurses?

Nurse Recruiter (n.d). Pride, passion, experience and expertise: older nurses have been helping to stem the nursing shortage, but a crisis looms.


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W5 Culture-Discussion response

  • -A minimum of 200 words per post, not including references
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA per post from within the last 5 years

What topic would you include in the presentation and what teaching strategies would be appropriate?
My presentation on cultural and generational diversity in the nursing team’s workplace would involve generational differences. Every generation has determined experiences that help to shape its values. According to Sobrino-De Toro et al. (2019), Intergeneration diversity is a universal fact in sustainability and Today’s work environment. Generational appear to be differences in the values, beliefs, and options between different people (Understand generational differences. (n.d.). People want to learn from all the different generational. Older nurses have the story, and experience and can manage complex psychosocial problems that the younger nurses don’t have. They also give a setting that comfortably educates and leads younger nurses to practice kindness, love, and trust with their patients. On the other hand, the younger nurse generation grew up with more technology to make high-tech skills. Therefore, the younger nurse can support and guide older nurses on how to function for various technologies and obtain more nurse practitioners’ productivity.

According to Steps to Building an effective team. (n.d.), team building is to lead a team effectively; you must establish your leadership with each team member with trust and loyalty relationships. Several studies have shown that teamwork begins to higher job satisfaction with being serving together helps idea generation, creativity, improves productivity, relieves stress, and makes better business results (Pavlic & Jernej, 2020).

“Mine Field” is an excellent method to improve team building which in turn directs to positive clinical result all generation member wants to be comprehensive and give competent and safe care and being compassionate are predominant in the healthcare environment (Moore et al., 2016)

Open Communication
The experience of care to give is a foundation of an effective intergenerational team. Effective teams understand how each generation designed communicates by open discussion and agreement regarding methods of communication. The “ask me” team-building activity can help study one another and develop communication (Moore et al., 2016). For example, the doctor and nurses communicate or discuss the plan of care with the patients.

According to Moore (2016), Teams comprised of multigenerational members need to be inclusive. Inclusion can increase by objectively attempting to comprehend and assess the behaviors of those from diverse generations. Share’s goals are the answer to inclusiveness. For example, the nurse should explain and have the patients or family members involved in their care.

Honest is vital to assume positive intent and common goals. All generations can agree that providing competent and safe care and being compassionate are paramount in the healthcare setting. Intergenerational teams that work well together have developed a solid foundation of trust. The presence of trust allows team members to admit errors, discuss weaknesses, and voice concerns (Moore, 2016). Therefore, team members can earn the patients trust by honest communication.

Successful Conflict Resolution
According to Moore (2016), Conflict resolution includes aggressiveness, opposition, teamwork, collaboration, accommodation, and avoidance. A highly effective team has established open communication, trust, and inclusion that facilitates conflict resolution.

W5 Culture-Discussion response

W5 Culture-Discussion response

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