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Vulnerable Population

Vulnerable Population

The productivity of America is dependent on the health of its people. It is for this reason that the federal government formulated the Healthy People agenda that is focused on the attainment of high-quality life and, consequently, productivity. The healthy people 2020 agenda is targeted at the identification of preventable factors that pose threats to health and the established strategies to minimize them. Such threats include mental health, food safety, medical product safety, and violence.

Healthy People 2020 clearly articulates the social determinants of health, such as culture and spirituality, and how they contribute to healthy living. Cultural and spiritual affiliations have been found to enhance an individual’s well-being. Culture improves the quality of life of an individual and their community by increasing their tolerance and providing them with the opportunity to come together as communities. Spirituality, on the other hand, gives individuals a sense of wholeness and peace as well as balances the emotional and social aspects of their lives (Berge et al., 2018). Culture and spirituality, therefore, ensure individual and community well-being, thus promoting health. Healthy People 2020 stresses the need to maintain good health by addressing cultural and social issues that may be a deterrent to healthy living.

Healthy People 2020 highlights injury and violence prevention as key components to maintaining good health. Unintentional injuries attributed to violence have claimed many American lives and left many others incapacitated. This agenda is focused on preventing unintentional injuries and violence, thereby minimizing their consequences. The agenda emphasizes the importance of violence prevention by detailing its impact on the American people and their communities. Such effects as premature death and loss of productivity resulting from violence affect the well-being of these individuals together with their communities. It also highlights the determinants that can affect the risk of unintentional injuries, such as individual behavior and the physical environment.

Injury and violence directly affect the care to the patient since it increases the burden on the healthcare system. As the number of incidences increases, patient admissions are also likely to increase, thus putting undue strain on the healthcare system. These cases also impact advanced nursing roles as they are better poised to take care of these patients. They are not only responsible for taking care of the patients but also participate in the prevention of violence. Such practices as carrying out home visitations in a bid to prevent the maltreatment of children could help reduce violence (Simon, T. R., & Hurvitz, K. 2018). Nurses could also participate in an educative process aimed at curbing violence on groups such as women and children. All these may enable the prevention of violence considerably.

The healthy people agenda 2020 is aimed at promoting health by reducing preventable hazards to health. It adequately addresses culture and spirituality as important social determinants to healthy living. Injury prevention and violence are one of the determinants of good health that are discussed in the healthy people agenda 2020. Injury prevention and violence can have a significant impact on the health system as well as advanced nurse practice if not observed.


Berge, J., Fertig, A., Tate, A., Trofholz, A., & Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2018). Who is meeting the Healthy People 2020 objectives?: Comparisons between racially/ethnically diverse and immigrant children and adults. Families, Systems, & Health, 36(4), 451-470.

Simon, T. R., & Hurvitz, K. (2018). Healthy People 2020 Objectives for Violence Prevention and the Role of Nursing. The online journal of issues in nursing, 19(1), 1.


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Vulnerable Population

How does Healthy People 2020 address culture and spirituality considerations?

Select at least one topic or objective from Healthy People 2020 that is of interest to you. Summarize key points of the topic or objective and discuss how this topic will affect patient care and its significance to the advanced nursing role and/or practice.

Vulnerable Population

Vulnerable Population

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