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Value of the APRN Model

Value of the APRN Model

Outline and discuss a strategy for publicizing the value of the APN model.

Today, the focus of healthcare is on providing patients with home-based care. There are new trends emerging these days, such as allowing APNs to use evidence-based practices to improve their patient’s healthcare. APNs conduct, monitor, and reach conclusions about physical and emotional diseases. They are also committed to assisting their patients with acute illnesses, long-term illness management, emergency treatment, wellness instructions, therapy, inquiries, and management (Enterprise et al., 2020).

Using the most recent statistics and evidence, present to the public a compelling argument and a brief background on why APNP care is critical.

APNPs typically hold beliefs in healthcare guidelines. Because of their educational and medical proficiency programs, they provide services such as educating their patients with acute and chronic illnesses on care and management. The accomplishments of APNPs have demonstrated that they are capable of increasing their services to patients while decreasing the time spent in waiting rooms. Despite the state’s restrictions on APNPs, they have managed to outperform the odds and provide high-quality care to their patients. Countries that have APNPs have been able to reduce the number of patients admitted to hospitals while also improving the health of their patients as a whole. The disadvantages of restricting ANPN have had a negative impact on the country’s health care. State-imposed restrictions on APNP should be lifted in the role of practice. The majority of APNP achievements have persuaded patients to prefer their services to those of medical doctors (Sabo et al., 2017). This stems from the fact that APNPs spend more time with their patients and provide encouragement as well as information on care and management.

Discuss how you would promote the benefits of using an APN as a service provider.

Previous research has shown that APNs are both dependable and affordable. The Rand Corporation (a non-profit that improves policies and legislative information based on research studies) conducted research on APNs usage and fund utilization that could cost the state of Massachusetts $4 to $8 billion over the next ten years.

Use data from sources that demonstrate how efficient and cost-effective APNPs are in comparison to other healthcare provider roles.

APNPS is more affordable to patients seeking appointments than other healthcare facilities. According to Nursing Management Magazine, patients save nearly 30% of the money spent on appointments with NPs when compared to Medical Doctors (Enterprise et al., 2020). APNPs have the advantage of performing an overall examination of patients’ bodies. The body, soul, and mind are all included. Also included are patient education and methods for keeping them healthy. This includes regular exercise and eating healthy and nutritious foods. According to patient reviews, an overwhelming 70% of them approve of the effectiveness of Np to 30% of medical doctors.


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Outline and discuss a plan to promote the value of the APN model to the public.

Using the latest statistics and evidence, provide a compelling argument and a brief background to the public about why APNP care is essential.

Value of the APRN Model

Value of the APRN Model

Discuss how you would promote the value of utilizing an APN as a provider of services.

Use data from sources that illustrate how efficient, and cost-containing APNPs are versus other healthcare provider roles. This is not an exercise that diminishes our other colleagues, but one that promotes the value of the APNP role.

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