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In the case 4k, concerning Todd and Edna, the utility involved is family planning. Their actions result in a pregnancy that will eventually yield a child. Their family was struggling before the conception of a child. Furthermore, the wife was a drunkard, while the husband was mostly unemployed. Consequently, they agreed having a baby would erase all their problems. The consequences of their actions were not for the greater good.

The expected probability should reflect happiness on the first assessment of the consequence’s ability to imply happiness (Ruggiero, 153). A pregnancy meant Edna couldn’t drink anymore, and Todd would have to get a full-time job. Edna wouldn’t be the happiest person with the withdrawal from her alcohol intake and her bodily and hormonal changes with pregnancy. The forced full-time employment would also not cause joy for Todd, who never held employment for long. A child’s idea painted a picture of a happy family for them, which would be different from their reality.

On the second assessment, based on the common currency, the married couple made a wrong decision. Referring to the question,” Which is better,” We ask the question would be, “ Would it be better to have a child or would it be better to separate?” Accordingly, based on their already failing marriage, the latter is better than the former. A child comes with increasing responsibilities and expenses. Also, the irresponsibility detailed in summary paints a picture of irresponsible parents. A child would be caught between their irresponsibility and already failing marriage.

To conclude, assessing the consequence of their actions yielded a negative result. Not only would it affect them individually, as a couple, but also as a family.

Work Cited

Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan. Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues. McGraw-Hill Education, 2020.


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Review the assigned Inquiries from Ruggiero Case 4k, pp. 108-109; Case 4f, p. 108; and Case 4i, p. 108

Choose ONE to write your initial post on (See highlighted case in attached file). For each case, first, consider whether the action is the for the greater good.  Next, if it is not for the greater good, what action would be?

A reminder about the expectations:



Initial Posting: The first posting is due by 11:59 EST/EDT Thursday of the week in which the assignment is due. That first posting will reflect the student’s take on the assigned material. That posting should be well-thought-out and well written. A posting of at least 200 words is required.

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