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The Surrogate Role

The Surrogate Role

Nursing is one of the most important occupations in the world because it focuses on health and hygiene issues. Patients expect their carers to be moral and professional role models. Surrogacy is a viable option for parents who are unable to have children on their own. Nurses assist patients in taking greater control of their treatment plans (Daniele et al.,2022, p.2). The nurse acts as a stand-in for the patients in the absence of a relative or friend. Surrogacy has had a significant impact on nursing practice today. The number of gestational surrogate cycles has increased dramatically since the discovery that assisted reproduction pregnancies have a higher chance of survival. According to Phillips et al. (2019, p.540), there is a growing demand for surrogacy services. Long-term and short-term health issues affecting women are becoming more prevalent. Future pregnancies, as well as the outcomes of those pregnancies, will be influenced. They must devise clear strategies for dealing with situations involving long-term impairment of reproductive health in women with chronic conditions.

Infertility is a condition that, in some cases, affects a large number of women. Infertility can be caused by a genetic disorder, environmental toxins, old age, or chronic illnesses. Anyone who desires to be a parent but is unable to do so should not give up. Women who use assisted reproductive technology to become pregnant are more likely to have a preterm birth and a low birth weight for their children. Surrogacy is a fantastic option for women who are concerned about congenital disabilities and other issues.

Surrogacy is increasingly being viewed as an immoral method of childbirth as the number of people desiring children grows. These attitudes are not acceptable in the medical field. Nurses who have received formal education are well-equipped to deal with the complex ethical issues surrounding surrogacy. Women who have difficulty getting pregnant are more likely to experience mental and social issues as a result.

According to research, more children are being raised without a gestational relationship with their biological mothers. A growing body of research indicates that a baby’s bond with its surrogate mother is stronger than the mother’s. Surrogate mothers and attachment theories are central to the discussion’s argument rather than the other way around (Haynes et al.,2022, p.493). Surrogate mothers and attachment theories have a close relationship (Ahmadi et al., 2019, p.107). Policymakers can use this data to develop policies that promote sustainable population growth while protecting the rights of pregnant women. According to research, pregnancy rates in affluent countries continue to fall.


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The question to develop in the Discussion is the following :

The Surrogate Role

The Surrogate Role

The surrogate role is not one that is frequently mentioned in recent nursing practice literature.  Is that role as defined by Peplau relevant to nursing practice as currently experienced?  If so, in what way?  If not, why?

Please include 400 words in the discussion with two scholarly articles

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