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The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is currently a very important element within the healthcare environment because of the many cultures and diversity and diversity in healthcare. The provision of all-inclusive and more customized healthcare services that relies on the cultural values and beliefs of the patient is currently the foundation of healthcare practice. Larry Purnell formulated a model of cultural competence when he was lecturing undergraduate students about cultural variances. The model comprises twelve concepts that influence culture, and this comprises the person, the family, the community, and the global society at large (Debiasi & Selleck., 2017).

The development of cultural competence needs health professionals to maintain cultural competence. This section shall evaluate the relevance of cultural competence for advanced practice nurse practice and the importance of effective competition that promotes cultural competence.

Purnell model is pertinent for advanced practice nurses during the assessment, planning, and formulation of relevant interventions to advance patients, families, and community health. The twelve concepts are useful for nurses since they play a part in cultural competence performance. Purnell indicates that nurses have to gain awareness of sensation opinions and set without having to let this aspect affect service delivery. The model also motivates nurses to be aware of personal beliefs and values, and nursing values. Self-awareness is very useful when delivering care that is competent in terms of culture.

The nurses are supposed to incorporate introspection and consideration on a timely basis to determine their attitude towards patients from varied ethnic circumstances and address their personal beliefs. This is very important since this can act as a barrier to delivering quality care, particularly when delivering services to a diverse population. Also, the nurses can understand the patient’s worldview, which is useful in helping them evaluate the patient’s behavior and some beliefs that may affect care (Purnell, 2021). Knowing is useful in achieving cultural competence; nurses are supposed to learn about different cultures and recognize the patient’s worldview.

Communication is very useful when one is working with diverse cultures. A nurse can improve cross-cultural communication by adopting vital components like active listening and evaluation and being attentive to the non-verbal cues of the patient to comprehend how they perceive their condition and the health treatment they are supposed to receive. Effective communication between nurses and health care providers is a vital component of quality health care. The nurse will be able to understand the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of patients that affect healthcare and assist the nurses in improving access to high-quality healthcare.

The health care providers have to develop a strategic plan of improving, implementing, and evaluating the plan to comprise structure and enhancing the progression of maintaining cultural competence goals. There are assumptions that nurses have the knowledge and skills to communicate in a culturally penetrating manner (Henderson et al., 2018). Culturally sensitive communication shows understanding and respect for people and encourages patient and family satisfaction. If communication is not culturally profound, the patients and family may not get satisfied with their ideas and familiarities of care, causing an amplified risk of miscommunication and cultural differences that leads to poor quality treatment.



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Purnell, L. D. (2021). The Purnell Model and Theory for Cultural Competence. In Textbook for Transcultural Health Care: A Population Approach (pp. 19-59). Springer, Cham.


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Sub-group name and image with rationale

Purnell’s Model constructs and sub-group information (n = 12)

The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence

Sub-group presence and issues related to the local and global community

Summary of recommendations for providing culturally competent nursing care to this sub-group

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