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The nursing role and strategies

The nursing role and Strategies

The healthcare information system has played a crucial role in helping improve how service providers communicate from department to department. This is evident in the era of computer technology, which we cannot deny we are in today (Hunt et al., 2014). Computer technology is today taking the globe by storm, it is through the existing computer technology that we can deal with the current complexities more effectively, and we are now more effective at workplaces. Through computer technology, nurses can now give quality and improved services to patients. It is now evident that there is increased accuracy in the care given hence reducing errors in medication (Hunt et al., 2014). In the past, when nurses relied on the files, many medical errors were committed, which is now the past. Computers have allowed more accessible, safer, and organized information sharing and storage, improving the relationship between departments in patient information sharing. A nurse always has a fundamental role in selecting and evaluating the information system meant for shared decision-making.

Some new responsibilities and roles are emerging in nursing due to the knowledge of the information system and reliance on computers for effective management. Nursing leaders need to advance their training and expertise to deal with the complexities, the rapid changes, and the costs associated with computer systems (Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2017). For effectiveness and efficiency, we need to have good knowledge of hospital information and clearly understand the nursing practice and the whole computer system to get the correct information for professional purposes (Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2017). Nurse leaders and other nurses must be at the forefront by taking active roles in implementing computers where nurses can gain control of the professional attributes of the extensive complex system implemented by most healthcare today (Vati, 2013). Nurses are the primary users of the information system, and they are responsible for accessing the information system selected can be vital in delivering improvements and assuring quality care to the patients. They have a role to play in ensuring they are updated with emerging technology since it is the basis in providing quality care delivery.

Many strategies are known to be important in facilitating the implementation of information systems. Among them is the ability to carefully design more interactive activities that enhance performance (Vati, 2013). Another crucial; strategy is to be active in evaluating and monitoring to ensure proper implementation. The support structure is also a vital structure and a process since it provides that all the stakeholders are involved in successful system implementation. Experts and mentors must also properly perform the information system (Vati, 2013). The strategies are indeed aimed at facilitating the implementation of the information system, but unfortunately, some barriers drag the effective performance. Among them is the cost that is usually high when acquiring or purchasing the information system. The maintenance cost is also high, and the absence of technical know-how is also a significant barrier to implementing the information system.


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After studying Module 1: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following:

What role do nurses have in selecting and evaluating information systems within your work environment?

The nursing role and strategies

The nursing role and strategies

What strategies facilitated the implementation of the information system, and what were the barriers to implementation?

Submission Instructions:

Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in the current APA style, with support from at least 2 academic sources.

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