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The Influence of the Consensus Model for APRN-LACE

The Influence of the Consensus Model for APRN-LACE

The role of advanced practice and registered nurses in the US healthcare system remains critical for the effective and safe delivery of healthcare services to patients. With the ever-expanding healthcare system, there has been a need to adopt uniformity in regulating the nurses’ practices across all states of America. The consensus model seeks to attain this by providing a framework for guiding uniformity in handling nurse roles. LACE, an acronym for Licensure, Accreditation, Certification, and Education, is a body targeted at enabling the implementation of this consensus model among the APRNs. This paper discusses the influence of the consensus model: LACE for APRN and its importance.

This consensus model directly influences nursing education and credentialing by providing a framework for licensure, accreditation, certification, and education. The policies outlined by this model have been utilized in defining the scope of practice of the APRNs and the licensure requirements. Under these new regulations, certification, and credentialing centers have been forced to streamline and consolidate their certification options, with other faculties being forced to retire some of their certification programs to align with the newer recommendations (Stanley, 2017). This model requires that all APRNs complete a graduate nursing program, with full accreditation by a recognizable credentialing organization, to earn national certification as well as state licensing.

The consensus model has conferred considerable importance to APRNs. This model has harmonized the definition and roles of APRNs across America. By uniting all nursing programs from different institutions, all state nursing boards, and the national certification and credentialing organizations, this model has ensured that the same standards of practice, education, and certification are applied across the states. Additionally, it has paved the way for nurses to fully utilize their expertise and skills without interference from conditions that would have otherwise restricted their scope of practice. The ability to practice across states is also significantly allowed enabling the nurses to retain their brand from whichever form they visit(Rounds et al., 2018). This freedom in practice and expanded scope as prescribed by the model makes it significant to the APRNs.

The consensus model is aimed at unifying nursing practice and its regulation in all states of America. A collaborative body LACE implements this model, which provides a framework for licensure, accreditation, certification, and education. This model influences the nursing practice by redefining the processes of accreditation, licensure, and certification. The model, however, confers significant importance on the nursing practice by expanding the scope of practice and eliminating barriers that hindered their practice.


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The Influence of the Consensus Model for APRN-LACE

Discuss the influence of the Consensus Model for APRN: LACE. Why is it important? Support your discussions with at least two current scholarly articles (less than 5 years). Consensus Model Retrieved September 2018 from Consensus Model for APRN Regulation.

The Influence of the Consensus Model for APRN-LACE

The Influence of the Consensus Model for APRN-LACE

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