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The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Providers Presentation

The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Providers Presentation

The report examined in this presentation focuses on the COVID-19 virus’s impact on healthcare systems and how medical practitioners were affected. The pandemic posed numerous challenges that required immediate resolution in order to prevent further casualties. Nurses, medical clinicians, and doctors play an important role in effecting positive change in medical care. To prevent viral infections, all affected individuals must also improve personal and public safety by avoiding bodily contact and wearing face masks. The Florida government’s health ministry has raised public awareness of practical pandemic-prevention measures.


When it comes to selecting an excellent method of preventing the COVID-19 pandemic, intervention is critical. Continuous education through virtual communication significantly reduced the risk of infection. Some Floridians failed to participate in virtual messages, such as using telephones to access online platforms such as WhatsApp. When people participate in communication programs and zoom meetings during a pandemic, infection management becomes much easier (Daniels, 2020). Nurses must acquire technical skills and knowledge, as well as computer literacy. To access new variants from research centers, health facilities must be equipped with new technological advancements.

Literature Based on Evidence

The ability to access, summarize, and apply information on the role of effective communication in controlling the impact of the COVID-19 virus based on external evidence. The need for online virtual education sessions creates a better way to avoid contact. Collaboration between government entities and health facility environs is required for education on control and prevention measures. The facility’s surroundings include health workers and members of the community who are being educated about the COVID-19 virus. Through media outlets such as televisions, social media platforms, and public health websites, information can reach the entire nation (Güner et al., 2020). Communication, according to health expertise knowledge, aids in patient check-ups, converses with the patient’s family and informs society on changes within the facility. During a pandemic, the patient’s preferences become critical in selecting preferred treatment methods. Patients’ preferences help a healthcare facility make decisions about how they are handled.

The Goals of Face Masks

To improve communication with customers during the pandemic, Determine the most common COVID-19 symptoms.

Determine feasible methods of preventing the pandemic. Consider the significance of the vaccination procedure. Resources are required.

ICU units use electronic media such as websites and smartphones.


anticipated metric

Personal contact and any form of gathering that could endanger individual health are prohibited under the covid 19 pandemic. The most effective method was virtual communication via online platforms. The World Health Organization (WHO) advocated for online interviews with nurses in order to obtain critical information. Tracking patients’ behavior with smartphones also aided in gathering information and monitoring their progress after discharge. Participants gave their full attention and responded to questions. Nurses became concerned about having personal health contact with patients. With patients in health facilities, health medics have also experienced psychological trauma (Ruiz & Gibson, 2020).


Prior to the zoom meetings, patients could check their health status to identify symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus. For efficiency, the Department of Information Technology ensures that there are no interruptions or hacking events. In different patients, the symptoms range from mild to severe (Daniel, 2020). Some chronic diseases, such as heart failure, can aggravate the patient’s condition. Both clients and medical practitioners should be introduced to therapy sessions. Personal protective equipment must be provided by the central government to healthcare attendants (PPEs). The increased workforce and clinical attendants increase the ratio of nurses handling patients, resulting in more discharges (Ruiz & Gibson, 2020). In the Intensive Care Unit, the nurse-to-patient ratio should range between 1:2 and 1:6.

Intervention evaluation

Educational programs will aid in the reduction of the pandemic. The importance of communicating reliable data to health ministries must be understood by society. The use of face masks, frequent hand washing, and avoidance of public places all help to reduce the transmission rate (Güner et al., 2020). Vaccination is also important in preventing the virus. The government should make vaccines available to residents of Florida and neighboring states (Dooling et al., 2020). Vaccine approval in the United States will significantly reduce citizen fatalities.


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The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Providers Presentation

The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Providers Presentation

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary Care Providers

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