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The Endocrine System and Multidimensional Care

The Endocrine System and Multidimensional Care

A multidimensional care approach involves assessing, planning, and implementing strategies that address the needs of the patients and family members. In this approach, the needs of the patients and family members are put into consideration when treatment decisions have to be made (Palteki, 2019). An effective multidimensional care model thus involves the collaboration of various healthcare providers.

The care team can meet the needs of patients and families in various ways. Through shared decision-making, the care team can come up with strategies that promote the well-being of patients. For instance, shared decision-making can make the care team collaborate with the patient and family members to determine how the patient can be provided with spiritual and psychological support. Besides, care team members need to make treatment decisions based on the patient’s clinical judgement, medical evidence, and preferences. Family members also need to be consulted where necessary when a care team member wants to decide on care for a patient.

The team members involved in the provision of multidimensional care include physicians, nurses, dieticians, and psychologists. Physicians prescribe the necessary drugs for patients and guide them on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, physicians provide the necessary information to other healthcare providers regarding the necessary interventions for patients. For physically inactive patients, nurses help them in their daily activities, such as exercising. Nurses also provide psychological support to patients and their family members (Butler, 2017). Dieticians, on the other hand, advise patients about healthy diets. Psychologists also play a significant role in multidimensional care since they are required to provide psychological support to patients and family members. They thus promote the emotional well-being of patients and their family members.


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The Endocrine System and Multidimensional Care

Disorders of the endocrine system affect many individuals. Providing multidimensional patient care can be

The Endocrine System and Multidimensional Care

The Endocrine System and Multidimensional Care

challenging for patients experiencing these disorders. Ensuring the plan of care meets the patient and family needs is important in order to increase adherence to proper medical treatment following discharge.

  1. What does it mean to provide a multidimensional approach?
  2. Provide at least three examples of how the care team can meet the patient and the family’s needs?
  3. List at least three care team members and how are they involved in providing multidimensional care?

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