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Strategic plan summary-Discussion

Strategic plan summary-Discussion

My capstone project change proposal is “Nursing Shortage” in the health care system. The intervention to be implemented to deal with the issue of nursing shortage is nurse training and education. Before implementation of the intervention, relevant stakeholders should be aware of the barriers that can be encountered. The first activity in the plan will be to conduct a survey in the health facility to identify the major gaps. Survey questionnaires will be given to nurses and other health workers who work with nurses. Questions in the survey questionnaires will be both open-ended and closed. The questions will be related to the issue of the nursing shortage, such as the number of nurses in a department, the working hours, and stress-related burnout.

After the survey questionnaires have been issued and the problem of nurse shortage analyzed, the next step will involve identifying potential barriers that will be encountered. One of the barriers will be the resources for training and educating the nurses. There should be at least a person with relevant knowledge and skills in the area of specialization. Money is needed, and the relevant teaching aids. Time is also a barrier since staff shortage means that there will also be limited time for education and nurse training. The plan should identify ways of dealing with the barriers, such as seeking extra funds.

The intervention will then be implemented. Nurses will be educated and trained in the health facility. The training will be both internal and external. Education and training of the nurses help to address the challenge of staff shortage by equipping nurses with extra skills (Hoseini-Esfidarjani & Negarandeh, 2017). For example, a shortage of ICU nurses in nurses can be addressed by training and educating general nurses who have not specialized in ICU to work in the ICU. Through training and education, nurses will be flexible to work in departments in the hospital where there are fewer nurses hence covering the shortage. Some nurses can be sponsored by the facility to go for further education, which will help them fill vacant positions in the facility that require specialization or further education. Evaluation will be the last step to assess the effectiveness of the intervention.


Hoseini-Esfidarjani, S. S., & Negarandeh, R. (2017). A new view towards resolving the nursing shortage challenge. Journal of hayat23(3), 196-200.


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Strategic plan summary-Discussion

Assess the culture of the organization for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice intervention. Use this assessment when creating the strategic plan.

Write a 150-250 word strategic plan defining how the nursing practice intervention will be implemented in the capstone project change proposal.

 Change proposal – NURSING SHORTAGE

Strategic plan summary-Discussion

Strategic plan summary-Discussion

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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