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Sources of Measurement Error

Sources of Measurement Error

The three sources of measurement error are content sampling error, time sampling error, and test-taker variables error. Content sampling error is used in labeling the trait-irrelevant variability that can be introduced into test scores because of fortuitous factors related to the content of specific items included in the test. This was the second time that Manuel was taking the test. This was a disadvantage to others taking the same test for the first time. Manuel has an added advantage because the content is familiar, and he will likely pass a second time.

The time error refers to the variability inherent in the test scores. These are the functions of the fact that these scores are obtained at a particular point instead of another time point. The concept is pegged on two related notions: whatever behaviors and constructs can fluctuate as time progresses and, secondly, that some behaviors and constructs assessed via the tests are either less vulnerable to change or can change at a pace that is much slower compared to others. Manuel would take the test after a football game scheduled for the night before the test. Winning the match can positively impact the test results, but losing the match can impact his confidence in taking the test the next day.

Test-taker errors are caused by the emotions and psychological status of the one taking the test. Manuel reported having felt tired and had been studying in an environment that was not ideal; noisy fans and a cold room. If he had taken the test at a different time when he was feeling less tired, the results would possibly be different.



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Sources of Measurement Error

Submit a 1-2 page response to this question.

Manuel is taking an achievement test for the second time. He expresses feeling tired after attending a pep rally at school the night before but is excited about playing in the football game tonight. The heater does not appear to be working properly. It is making a clicking sound, and the room is relatively cold. After taking the test, Manuel reports that some of the questions were easy to answer because he remembers them from the previous test. Classify the three sources of measurement error in this scenario and describe how they may impact reliability.

An “A” paper must include:

Sources of Measurement Error

Sources of Measurement Error

  1. the correct measurements of error
  2. solid and scientific explanations as to how the measurements of error impacted reliability
  3. impeccable spelling
  4. well-thought-out, concise, and clearly written statements

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