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Psychoanalytic Theory Application

Psychoanalytic Theory Application

Psychoanalysis is a well-known concept that has historically developed how an individual’s behavior is developed and examined. Sigmund Freud developed the psychoanalysis theory. The theory is based on the idea that disagreements between conscious and unconscious dynamism stimulate individuals. This paper investigates Ana and how the psychoanalytic theory approach will aid in forming a case study to advance her situation.

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Ana is twenty-four years old and has been suffering from depression and anxiety. Einstein upload of. Ana’s parents have been married for twenty-seven years, and her father is an alcoholic. Ana comes from a wealthy family and considers them close but hasn’t seen them in a year. This is the same amount of time since her son was born. Her husband is serving his country overseas. Ana was laid off for three months and is worried about being unable to pay her bills. She believes she will eventually become homeless. She has some college experience but had to drop out because she had a child and could not maintain a healthy work-life balance while attending school and caring for her child alone.

In Ana’s case, because she has never received treatment before, she should be evaluated to see if she has any underlying disorders that she should be medicated with to help with her depression and anxiety. According to Freud (1915), our individual growth is responsible for many psychological issues, ranging from depression to eating disorders and early childhood experiences. Ana was a middle child who struggled to find her place within the family, which is why she struggled to find her place in the world as an adult, according to Alder (1964). Because the middle child is zealous for parental approval, doing well in school and university is one way to achieve it. Ana may regard herself as a failure because she had to drop out of school due to her child’s illness. Erikson (1980) believed it is essential between the ages of twenty and thirty-nine because people are most vulnerable to experiencing intimacy and isolation. Ana is no exception; she longs to be loved by her husband and parents but has been abandoned. Ana, the subtlety, wants to be productive like her mother, but she also needs to belong and find security, which only her family, friends, and husband can provide. According to Freud, each action is guided by a powerful subconscious. Ana’s subconscious may be ruled by the idea that she behaves the way she does because of her childhood experiences. This concept arose while Ana fought for a position in her family, possibly due to events when her father drank excessively (Freud, 1914). This could be why Ana was separated from her family when her child was born: her subconscious does not want her child exposed to those situations.

According to the US Military website, the spouse of an active member is eligible for several benefits and aid offers to further their education, advance their career goals, and receive housing assistance (, 2018). Ana can receive some of these assistance offers because her husband is in the military. Because some of Ana’s main fears are being homeless and dropping out of school, it begs the question of whether she is aware of any of these benefits and whether her husband is aware of her desire to change her circumstances.

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The psychoanalytic approach emphasizes the importance of early childhood development and events. Do you find that current problems are primarily rooted in early childhood events or influences?

Psychoanalytic Theory Application

Psychoanalytic Theory Application

To what extent do you believe people can resolve their adult problems that stem from childhood without exploring past events? When you apply this basic psychoanalytic concept to yourself, what connections between your past and present are you aware of?

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