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Professional Identity of the Nurse- Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice

Professional Identity of the Nurse- Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice

In my paper, I will discuss the information I found while hoping to better understand the role of the nurse and what their scope of practice extends to. I will talk about the standards nurses are held to and the things in place to ensure professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity are upheld within the practice. Additionally, I will go over some of the differences in the scope of support for the LPN and RN.

Role of the Nurse

In the state of Florida, a Registered Nurse is any licensed individual to practice professional nursing. Being a professional nurse means you are held to a specific standard and are expected to have a certain level of education, sound judgment, and nursing skill that relies heavily on applied principles of psychological, biological, physical, and social sciences. As a nurse, you are, in many instances, the critical part of a patient’s initial medical visit. You are typically the first person who encounters the patient. In the initial meeting, you must use sharp observational skills to glean any additional health concerns the patient may not mention or could potentially not be aware of.

Scope of Practice

As a Registered Nurse, you will be responsible for many things like observation, assessment, nursing diagnosis, intervention, evaluating care, educating and counseling patients, and more. As a professional nurse, you will oversee and distribute medications and treatments prescribed by practitioners to patients placed in your care. Also, you will monitor the training and performance of other staff performing any of the jobs you might perform yourself if delegated to a qualified party.

Compare and Contrast Scope of Practice

As a Registered Nurse, you oversee many different aspects of well-being for patients and those in support positions caring for those patients. As an RN, you are largely in a supervisory role, and you are the authority on initial admit assessments and the final say on care planning for patients in a lot of cases. While Licensed Practical Nurses operate under the direction of a Registered Nurse. LPNs are not permitted to perform an initial admit assessment. This must be performed by an RN, as the higher-ranking medical professional and the one in charge of the admitted care plan. The initial assessment must be made by a professional nurse.


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Valuable Member Infographic


Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.

Professional Identity of the Nurse- Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice

Professional Identity of the Nurse- Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice


You are assigned to discuss your professional identity with your peers on the unit during a meeting and have decided to present the attributes using an infographic. The goal is to encourage all nurses to examine attributes and identify their professional identity to improve professionalism in the healthcare setting. As a nurse leader, you want your infographic to include the attributes that have guided your growth within the profession. As a leader of the unit, you work to grow the nurses on the unit and want to encourage them to identify their professional identity as leaders to focus on succession planning. Your goal is to develop your infographic and share it with other nurses to encourage them to examine the attributes to grow within the profession.


Create an infographic that includes the attributes you believe support your professional identity. Include the following:

Identify 10 attributes that form your professional identity based on professional standards.

Reflect on why each of the attributes was selected for your professional identity.

Determine the attributes that are important for nurse leaders.

Identify how diversity and teamwork play a role in developing your professional identity.

Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

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