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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

My professional goal is to grow into a competent nurse capable of delivering quality healthcare to diverse patients and in various clinical settings; by gaining knowledge through nursing education and daily experience in two years. To achieve this professional development, I will make short and long-term goals to be my landmarks, guiding me throughout my path towards becoming a competent nurse practitioner. My short-term goal is to complete my degree, pass the NCLEX licensure exam, and immediately enroll for BSN. My long-term goal is to enroll in and complete an MSN in FNP. I plan to take the FNP master’s program because I aim to offer nursing services to diverse patients across all clinical settings.

As noted above, my short-term goal is to complete my current degree and enroll in a BSN program. I plan to complete my ADN and take the NCLEX exam in the next three months. I will pursue my BSN degree in my current institution because it is offered online hence flexible. By the fall of 2021, I plan to have started my BSN program, which will take 18 months. Currently, I am working part-time in a local nursing care facility under the supervision of a geriatric nurse. However, I find the job not sufficiently engaging due to excess supervision and the lack of opportunities to make independent decisions. Further, my duties are repetitive, such as drug refills, bathing, and moving patients, most of whom are elderly or have disabilities. Upon completing my degree, I hope to secure a more engaging job with limitless opportunities for my professional growth and development.

Some of the critical skills for my professional development are team worker, communication, empathy, and compassion. Our facility is still understaffed; we work hands-on under the supervisor’s instructions to ensure all our clients are attended to. In many incidences, our patients are violent and abusive. I have, therefore, mastered the power of good communication, empathy, and compassion in cooling them down and initiating meaningful dialogue. Through this approach, I create friendships that enable me to accurately understand patients’ healthcare needs even when I feel offended. My critical weaknesses are a lack of patience and a strong belief in Christianity. Sometimes I am frustrated by my impatience, making me unfriendly and emotionally strained. However, I apply compassion and empathy to overcome my weaknesses; consistent with Chen et al.’s (2015), taking care of the elderly is draining, requiring empathy and a positive attitude to avoid self-guilt.

Through the professional development path, it is imperative to conduct self-evaluation periodically to determine our areas of growth and seek necessary resources regarding what we want to learn. Bindon (2017) says that nurses should explore their experiences, expectations, and needs. A supportive environment promotes nurses’ transition from novice to expert caregivers (Bindon, 2017); through this lens, an assessment of my action plan indicates that I am on the right track towards attaining my short and long-term goals. To be successful, I plan to take my classes more seriously, conducting in-depth research and extensive consultations to gain broad knowledge in my field. Upon completion of my degree, I will continue working while pursuing my BSN program. I believe that extensive reading and practice will enable me to gain a deeper and broader understanding of nursing from a diverse perspective. Bridging theory and practice is the best approach to developing my profession in nursing and sustaining clinical competency.

Since the medical profession requires a commitment to life-long learning, upon completing my BSN before the end of 2023, I will immediately enroll in an MSN program in FNP. I plan to take the program at Grand Canyon University because it is offered online. Building on my strengths, and addressing my weaknesses, coupled with family support, would be critical resources in my professional path.


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Professional Development Plan


Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

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