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Portrayal of Families and Relationships

Portrayal of Families and Relationships

Today’s society has evolved, and changes are present in the family structures. The media has captured and portrayed a traditional family setting in the past. However, the same media has begun to include the changes in the family setting, which manifest as one-parent families, same-sex couples, cohabiting, blended families, and grandparents as caregivers of their grandchildren. The traditional family continues to feature in media productions. The media is not only featuring the upcoming family structures but also the different challenges that each faces and the dynamics within the specific type of relationship. This write-up will explore the traditional and same-sex families as featured on NBC’s show, New Amsterdam. Regardless of the type of relationship, individuals can derive sufficient emotional fulfillment.

Families/Personal Relationships

The NBC Show New Amsterdam features homosexuality through Dr. Ignatius Frome, whom colleagues refer to as Dr. Iggy. Tyler Labine plays Dr. Iggy’s character. On the show, Dr. Iggy is married to Martin McIntyre. Mike Doyle plays Martin’s role. The same-sex couple has adopted four children from Bangladesh. On the show, Dr. Iggy, who is the head of Psychiatry at the facility, raises questions due to his interactions with his clients. According to some of his colleagues, Dr. Iggy is of questionable character because he gets too close to some of the psychiatric patients. The two individuals struggle to raise their children amidst career demands and, societal expectations, and perceptions regarding same-sex couples. However, in real life, Tyler Labine is not gay, while Mike Doyle is part of the LGBTQ+ community (Williams, 2021).

Dr. Max Goodwin is the main actor in New Amsterdam. Ryan Eggold plays Dr. Goodwin’s role. Besides his prowess in the medical profession and management of the facility, the doctor’s personal struggles and vulnerabilities are demonstrated through his relationship. Dr. Goodwin is married to Georgia (Lisa O’Hare). The two display strong chemistry, which tends to intensify amidst career demands and health issues. In the show, Dr. Goodwin is troubled when it comes to making time for his family and himself. Work commitments overwhelm his marriage to Georgia and his health as well. Georgia is pregnant and delivers a healthy baby girl, after which she passes on. The difficult pregnancy depicts one of the common struggles that individuals in a traditional family encounter. The loss of a family member, especially a wife, in this case, Georgia, is perfectly demonstrated as Dr. Max undergoes difficult moments taking care of his child alone and his health after undergoing cancer treatment (O’Sullivan, 2019).

Relationship Characteristics

According to a study that sought to compare same-sex and traditional couples, the two types of relationships exhibit an equal quality of relationship (Joyner, Manning, & Prince, 2019). The relationship quality refers to the capability to care for, forgive, understand, be intimate, validate, and nurture one’s partner. The study’s findings were based on the stigma that same-sex couples face, which leads to resilience that improves the quality of the interaction. Dr. Iggy and his husband, Martin, depict a loving interaction that is transferred to the adopted children, who seem to be unaware of the difference in their family. Similarly, Dr. Max and his wife, Georgia undergo difficult moments when they have to fight for their relationship by making choices that prioritize it. During the show, the audience witnesses the improvement of Dr. Goodwin’s relationship with his wife. It is easier for an audience to relate to Dr. Goodwin’s relationship because it has been the society’s norm, thus more ‘acceptable’. However, the show excels at demonstrating a different yet encouraging aspect about same-sex couples, which confirms the findings of this particular study (Joyner, Manning, & Prince, 2019). This appealing angle regarding same-sex couples who are raising children is not without external misconceptions. The assumption by one of Dr. Iggy’s colleagues that he could be involved with one of the patients confirms society’s outlook or perception of same-sex couples. Their demonstration of care for other individuals, especially minors, is misconceived as inappropriate. Such stigma serves as a constant reminder that the relationship is yet to experience complete acceptance in the community.


The evolving relationships in today’s society are increasingly featured in media productions. Same-sex relationships are the most recent additions that are yet to be accepted by the members of society. Traditional relationships, which involve males and females, have featured in various media productions and now have to share the space with other forms of relationships. In New Amsterdam, Dr. Iggy and Martin represent the LGBTQ+ community, while Dr. Max Goodwin and Georgia represent a traditional relationship. Both couples have different challenges, which reinforce or improve the quality of their relationships. The two couples undergo different challenges that arise from dedication to their careers. Based on the show, the two doctors have fulfilling relationships, which seem real. In Dr. Goodwin’s case, his marriage is different due to terminal illness, work position as a leader at the facility, challenging pregnancy, and eventual demise of Georgia. For Dr. Iggy, the main challenges include work commitments that interfere with raising the adopted children and society’s misconceptions that cause stigmatization. Both types of relationships confirm that individuals can experience fulfillment in any choice of romantic involvement.


Joyner, K., Manning, W., & Prince, B. (2019). The Qualities of Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples in Young Adulthood. J Marriage Fam., 81(2), 487-505.

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Williams, K. (2021). Is Iggy on ‘New Amsterdam’ Gay in Real Life? Inside Actor Tyler Labine’s Personal Life.


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Portrayal of Families and Relationships

Assignment Content
Please use the following headings in your written assignment

  • -Introduction
  • -Families/Personal Relationships
  • -Relationship Characteristics
  • -Terminology
  • -Conclusion
  • -References

As societal-norms evolve, a variety of popular entertainment media (books, movies, TV shows, etc.) feature stories of characters who are a part of traditional and non-traditional family or relationship structures. Examples include but are not limited to: traditional families, cohabitation, single-parent households, blended families, same-sex couples, and grandparents as the primary care-givers for their grandchildren.

Written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, address the following:

1.)Describe a book, movie, or TV show that you are familiar with which features characters in families or personal relationships.

2.)Select at least two families/relationships from your chosen story and explain the relationship characteristics and dynamics between individuals.

3.)Apply terminology presented within the module when analyzing the relationships. Be sure to include APA citations for any resources you used as references

Subject: Healthcare.

Portrayal of Families and Relationships

Portrayal of Families and Relationships

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