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Personal Leadership Action Plan

Personal Leadership Action Plan

Leadership differs from individual to person. A sufficient leader must have a strategy for success, including a personal growth plan and a professional development plan. One who envisions a future with an appealing vision encourages their colleagues to join the picture, motivates them, ensures the image is delivered efficiently, and establishes and coaches a team to fulfill the goal effectively. Leadership is not about position or power but about self-awareness and understanding one’s strengths and flaws. Leadership entails surrounding yourself with the correct individuals to win your followers’ trust, and you may work together to reach the envisioned objective. Evaluating one’s strengths and shortcomings can aid in learning leadership techniques and methods that can be applied daily, allowing one to be the best leader one can be. Creating a leadership action plan that aids in critically analyzing a person’s strengths and weaknesses about aims Career-wise will help leaders capitalize on their strengths and reflect on their limitations, which will assist in attaining desired goals and visions. In my Personal Leadership Action Plan, I will examine previous tasks, personality types, and leadership styles. In my Leadership Action Plan, I will identify essential leadership abilities relevant to these positions and set specific targets to help me enhance my leadership capacity in my present and desired places [Geo09]. This document will also explain the aims I may view as a priority and a schedule for this development. The result will be a thorough leadership plan and product that I will use to help myself and any team I may work with. As a leader, I am in a state of action, a work in progress, and this is critical to my capacity to be a strong leader. If I cannot learn from my mistakes, it will reflect negatively on my team; therefore, to inspire my team, I must be coachable and highly productive.

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Personal mission and values statement

Before one can lead others, one must be able to conduct oneself. Good leadership does not happen by accident. As a school principal, my purpose and role are to instill assurance and confidence in students as well as motivate them through talks at regular assemblies, to encourage parents to be involved in the student’s curriculum, to manage teachers on how to explore the students’ results in which they wish to achieve, to encourage daily student attendance and to monitor it, and to encourage others on the leadership team as we face challenges. The values that a person holds most important in their personal life will influence the long-term aim that person has for an organization. I believe in self-sacrifice for the team’s sake, and I will make this clear to them. I identify with the principle of charismatic leadership; I attempt to embody this philosophy with my team daily by ensuring that my team is the best, that they feel successful, and that they understand taking one for the team. Because of the ideals I uphold, I am highly attentive to my team members’ needs; when a person feels sick, I will do everything in my power to help the person feel comfortable or, if the situation is truly dire, excuse the person to go home. And, as a team, we will take up where the person left off and continue working together without missing a beat. A few team members have commented that I do not behave like every other leader; they find it easy to talk to and confide in me, and they trust me more than any other administrator in the school. With my principles, I care about my team, as evidenced by their responses to random school surveys, and they feel pretty comfortable with me.

An evaluation of who I am now

Who I am now is a leader who is committed to doing my own best every day[Jim 14]. I am a leader who realizes that my main goal is to positively influence the lives of the children, their families, and the staff. I train instructors by assisting them in understanding how their behaviors are directly reflected by their students. It has been challenging, but I have become accustomed to it. As a leader or educator, I must recognize that difficulties are typical. As a leader, I constantly thought through every move before carrying it out. Also, as a leader, I am conscious of my behaviors, allowing me to guide others to their maximum potential. I strive to be an innovative leader willing to take risks for the sake of my team. As a leader, I understand the factors that have helped me to see leadership as a purpose and a passion rather than a job like any other. As a leader, I can comprehend my objective ande who I am, and want to be as a leader in the future.

What I hope to accomplish

As the Principal, I find it challenging to have unpleasant conversations with those with whom we have no connection. Most of my leadership characteristic types focus on what must be better. I want to work on that and see if I can shape them into something that would work well. When I am not in constant discussion with them, it becomes strange and difficult for me to tell them something terrible. When staff employees are in error, I find holding them accountable for their actions quite tricky. This is a significant development area for me and would represent a significant accomplishment. I find this fight exceedingly tricky because of my principles and the urge to be liked. When someone doesn’t like me, I find it challenging and take it personally, having difficulty with the person. I am an overachiever, contributing to my challenges; I need to keep my team members incredibly happy on occasion, and I will tend to overdo what makes them happy. This has been one of my significant issues throughout my life. To accomplish this, I need to monitor myself when I am stressed or emotional. This will help me begin managing my emotions and how I react to situations rather than displaying them on my face because my team looks to me for excitement. I’ve requested support and coaching on this. And if I am found not doing the assignment, my colleagues will hold me accountable. I’ve asked my coworkers to remind me of my goal and aid me in achieving it, as well as to help me keep focused and be the voice of reason when I wander. This will be a significant accomplishment for me[The14].

Leadership vision: An overview of the leadership’s strengths and flaws

One of my major leadership flaws is that I am not very good at delegating tasks. My weakness is related to the question of control. When I want something done one way, and the person assigned to the job does it another, I do it myself. Hence, I should undertake it myself instead of giving work to someone else. This is a significant area of development for me. As I grow as a leader, I am attempting to improve by allocating work to someone regularly habit from day to day.

I don’t get along well with absent parents. I have a problem with my parents; I simply shut down when they argue loudly, yell around, use foul language, and refuse to listen to me and reason. I realize this is another area I need to improve, and I’ve been working on it, though it’s still tricky. This reflects my desire to be loved. I believe that parents should appreciate my efforts and know that I am concerned about their children. As a leader, I understand that I must respect their opinions; they are the experts on their children. I also need to understand that not every child can be safeguarded 24 hours a day and that not every parent will like me.

I’m aware that I will occasionally display my emotions on my face. This is also an area where I can improve. I’m trying not to show my worry and disappointment on my face because I know my team looks to me for encouragement and inspiration. I’m conducting my study on therapies to help me avoid revealing my emotions through facial expressions.

I tend to overlook planning and providing more professional development since my spouse handles it; I find myself backing away from this obligation because my partner is constantly stepping up and doing it himself. I’ve committed to provide a hand and step up [Jan 14].

Most of my learned leadership strengths stem from my personality and my captivating leadership style. I am extremely friendly and need to be around and interact with others. I now understand why my previous employment did not suit me and why I did not perform as effectively as I do now; they required an introverted individual. Here are some qualities I have discovered to be incredibly useful in my work as a good leader.

I am an excellent listener. I like to listen to and motivate others around me, and I enjoy assisting others in solving their challenges. I enjoy encouraging them to take action on topics outside their comfort zone and seeing them smile.

I’ve been informed that I have a caring personality and am also quite strong. These two characteristics contribute to my success as a musician. My presence in the company of others demonstrates my caring nature and comprehension of people. Even in times of uncertainty, I maintain a strong presence for my team, getting us to our intended goal.

I excel at morning and other types of assemblies. I’ve learned to lead large group lectures, fun activities like games, and motivational groups. I adore organizing and coordinating such activities.

I am very concerned about what happens to my staff, students, and staff members on a personal level. DDaily, I give them my entire attention by going above and beyond to provide them a voice to speak up and a listening ear to each of their problems. Getting to know each of them is critical since this allows us to converse more deeply, and I can better comprehend them. It also fosters respect and trust. I teach and encourage them to be happy and to have self-esteem. And that happiness is the foundation of everything.

I have excellent ties with both my parents and the rest of the community. I adore and admire each of them. My relationship with the parents is one of the family members, and we have common aims in helping students reach their objectives and become successful.

I can readily capture people’s attention, which aids me in keeping them focused and entertained on the task. My team members tend to mimic my activities. They do these things because they believe my leadership is on the correct track. Trust is critical for being a successful leader and having others follow you and do what you advise.

Creating an action plan – what to do and how to accomplish it.

I recently finished my Master’s degree, which has helped me understand new things about myself. Every day, I learn more about becoming a good leader, a leader everyone admires and aspires to be like. I am open to input, whether harsh or favorable, and I follow through on the feedback by implementing the plan and making it a part of my daily routine. As the Principal, I’ve realized that my action plan varies daily. Most of the time, I am the captain, the Master of my big project, but other team members play significant roles in our daily goals, and as I always say, to be a great leader, one must be coachable. I must accept coaching from my subordinates with an open mind and manage information transparently. Being open to the perspectives of others is what makes one a great leader. Such views may differ from mine, but they are there to help me grow and be an open-minded leader. I will continue to accept and receive the Mastery Coaching model as one in which teachers require growth and upkeep in their working areas. I am determined to fulfill all of my weekly coaching tasks. I plan to expand the coaching concept beyond the few instructors I work with, coach the entire faculty team, and address academic growth areas. I am actively establishing professional development for the team with the help of my partner principal and deputy. I am confident that we will not only build but also deliver this model with confidence as long as I retain my strong presence of expertise in the sessions given.


My PLAP has helped me better understand who I am as a leader and where I can change to become a better leader. While sharing information, I should continue to grow and apply my communication abilities. I understand that, given my position, I can get nervous, but I should not let it affect people who look up to me and need my help the most. I’ve learned how to improve on defining and conveying a goal, which involves sharing a vision with others that will inspire good work practices. The leadership style allocated to me is compatible with my characteristics. My PLAP has revealed that I do not have control issues as I previously believed, but I still need to turn it down a notch to finish tasks and allocate duties. I understand that I value creating a pleasant environment for others, and I want everyone around me to be happy and content. I feel that leadership is all about achieving a specific vision. I take on the purpose personally by incorporating it into my daily life, and I believe this is the only way to achieve success. I should keep working on inspiring people to be innovative thinkers, conquering obstacles, and developing others. I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by leaders who set the example I wish to emulate. I know I must also set a good example for my employees.

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Continue developing your Leadership Style Action Plan by evaluating the skills needed to keep production and morale at peak in professional situations. Complete this section of the Action Plan by including the following:

Personal Leadership Action Plan

Personal Leadership Action Plan

Begin by identifying the leadership competencies and behaviors of successful leaders.

Then, assess your existing leadership competencies.

Prepare a SWOT analysis of your leadership strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

List at least one leadership competency for S, W, O, and T.

Write your vision statement for success as a leader based on your SWOT analysis.

Write out five goals to help you achieve your vision.

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