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120+ pediatric nursing research topics

pediatric nursing research topics

Pediatric nursing is a section of nursing that specifies neonates and children up to adolescence. Pediatric nurses help in the adaptation of patients to the hospital setting and prepare them for the provision of health care. Conducting interviews also falls into the category of roles present for the said nurses.

The main importance of the specified profession is the provision of support to patients throughout the treatment. It is important to note that there is a wide variety of topics to choose from.

Having a wide variety of topics ensures that you choose a topic that you find interesting. This article will provide you with expounded data on how to choose topics and give examples to choose from. A research paper illustrates that you have done research on the said topic and are familiar with the prerequisite data required in the topic.

How to choose a pediatric nursing research topic

Narrowing down when researching the nursing paper is important as pediatric nursing is broad and filled with lots of data. It may prove to be tiresome and hectic to focus on the whole field. Ensure that you have a well-researched paper with the necessary data to back it.

When choosing a topic, ensure that the topic is up to date and has enough literature. Add new material that ensures your paper stands out. Ensure a pediatric research paper is relevant, original, interesting, and explorative.

When narrowing, talk to your professor about ideas to specify and end up with a successful paper.

Evidence-based practices in pediatric nursing

This is where the question arises about whether a treatment is right for a patient in your care as a nurse. This section is based on answering the question through points of research. This is done through a combination of taking into account the values of a patient and the experience that a nurse has. The goal is to ensure the patient gets the best practice.

Four steps form the basis of the determination of the viability of a treatment method. The first one is asking questions through an interview. The second basis is acquiring information and the third is doing research. After conducting research, one walks to the fourth and last step which entails the application of the findings found in the above three steps.

The below examples are topics to choose from in evidence-based practice in pediatric nursing topics.

  1. Development characteristics are the leading way to preparing children for procedures
  2. Preparation of the family
  3. General hygiene
  4. Procedures that maintain safety during procedures
  5. Specimen collection and positioning of procedure
  6. Blood administration procedures
  7. Care interventions during the end of life
  8. Pain reduction during the administration of minor procedures to infants.
  9. Intramuscular injections in infants
  10. Pain management at the end of life

Pediatric oncology research topics

  1. Communication difficulties during pediatric hematology
  2. Pediatric oncology Nursing recent trends
  3. Educating family and patients that are newly diagnosed
  4. Pediatric oncology psychological issues
  5. Measures put up to curb the spread of pediatric oncology
  6. How can pediatric oncology nurses deal with grief?
  7. How different cultures can be educated to accommodate the patients
  8. An increase in pediatric oncology nurses can prevent burnout
  9. How management can improve the working conditions to reduce stress among nurses
  10. Is music a proven therapy for pediatric oncology?
  11. Case study on useful trends to take up
  12. Importance of communication for patients nearing their death.
  13. Fund research that looks for successful oxygen therapy in children to eliminate blindness
  14. Should they come up with different cancer treatments for children?
  15. Does stem cell surgery help with leukemia?

Pediatric nursing research topics

  1. Effects of cancer treatment on children and should they be changed?
  2. Effects of Measles on Children and Adults
  3. How does the use of antibiotics affect a child’s immune system?
  4. Measures put up to prevent ADHD
  5. Does adding junk to a child’s diet lead them to become obese?
  6. What causes malnutrition and is there a treatment?
  7. Do most respiratory diseases in children develop after birth or are most children born with them?

Neurology pediatric nursing research topics

  1. How does inflammation affect the brain in neurology?
  2. Meningitis care and prevention methods
  3. Do drugs administered during maternal care have any side effects?
  4. Are comas common in pediatric neurology?
  5. What are some of the causes of acute problems in respiration?
  6. Where are tumors mostly located?
  7. How do nurses help infants who are in pain?
  8. When can we say a child is ready for adult treatment?
  9. Do the parent’s genes contribute to brain malformations?
  10. What are the most common health problems in pediatric patients?

Pulmonary pediatric nursing research topics

Nurses should be well-informed and updated with all pediatric cases. These are common in hospitals thus knowledge of respiratory issues and anatomy is a requirement.

  1. How to treat a hernia present in a child diaphragm
  2. How are children affected passively by smoking?
  3. What are the characteristics and functions of the lungs in a child?
  4. Is vaccination important for children?
  5. How does therapy work to help people with speech issues?
  6. Which diabetes is common in children and how do we prevent it?
  7. What are the most common causes of fetal underdevelopment?
  8. How should we take care of children with asthma?
  9. Is air pollution a threat to infants’ health?
  10. Case study of epilepsy causes and treatment

Pediatric nursing intensive care unit

  1. How to successfully take care of children in critical conditions
  2. How do you implement safety measures in intensive care for children?
  3. Can you use morphine to take care of children in intensive care?
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in children
  5. Nurses taking care of children suffering from cardiac illness
  6. Should children in critical condition be transported?
  7. How do you ensure family members with critically ill infants are coping positively?
  8. How are cancer patients in pediatrics handled by nurses?

Pediatric dermatology nursing research topics

Dermatology is the care of nails and skin and sometimes hair. As a pediatric nurse, you will come across children with dermatological issues. Children are very delicate and you should conduct your research for treatments, prevention, and management and make sure everything is updated.

  1. What is eczema and how do you manage it in children?
  2. Is psoriasis common in children?
  3. Are there disorders in nails that children can acquire?
  4. Is fungi the cause of fungal nail infection? And is distortion related?
  5. Should therapy be necessary for burn victims and what is the most successful treatment?
  6. Should nurses use chemicals to treat acne in children?
  7. Are children born with vitiligo or is it acquired?
  8. Are there changes to the skin and hair when the woman is pregnant?
  9. Is blood the reason nails become black after accidents?
  10. Are birthmarks skin diseases?

Orthopedics pediatric nursing research topics

  1. Disorders of the Joint in pediatric nursing
  2. Case Study on Scoliosis
  3. How do nurses manage weight in Orthopedics?
  4. Drugs used in pain management
  5. Does working out help?
  6. What causes deformities present in the spine?
  7. Deformities in the length of limbs
  8. What are the disorders of the growth plate?
  9. How do you prevent injuries incurred during stretching?
  10. Does music help patients due for orthopedic surgery?
  11. Is massage therapy useful in orthopedic treatment?
  12. How long does recovery take after the hip is replaced?

Pediatric cardiac nursing research topics

  1. Should anesthesia be used in obese patients and what are the complications that present themselves
  2. What are some of the communication errors that exist
  3. Should nurses be taken responsible for medication errors?
  4. Is sedation necessary for non-operating procedures?
  5. How do nurses assess blood loss during pediatric surgeries?
  6. Effects of Anesthesia on the pulmonary function of Children

Pediatric issues in nursing

  1. Genetic disorders
  2. Youth depression
  3. Drug abuse based on prescription
  4. Chronic diseases
  5. Trauma
  6. Pre-maturity
  7. Adolescents that are homeless and experiencing sexual abuse
  8. Child abuse
  9. Homeless adolescent’s having suicidal thoughts
  10. Adolescents becoming alcoholics
  11. Bullying
  12. Pain in the abdomen is experienced by children.
  13. Methods of treatment for sexual abuse when it happens to adolescents
  14. How do nurses provide care to children that have traumatic moments?

Parting shot

Pediatric nurses are tasked with some of the hardest and most delicate existing jobs. They have to deal with delicate children and the future of this world which can be a lot of pressure. There is a lot of research involved and choosing a good topic is important. You can use this article to look at the best topics that will help you get good scores.

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