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90 + Nursing research proposal Topics

Nursing research proposal

The way you write your proposal content can make an impact on whether your proposal will be accepted or not. A well-crafted research proposal must be distinctive and have elaborate well-structured coherent information. However, the factors rely solely on choosing the topic and framing standard research since you have to commence with an outstanding topic.

This article contains numerous topics for nursing research proposals to assist you in choosing the best proposal topic for your coming nursing research proposal.

How to write a problem statement for a research proposal

You commence your paper with the problem statement, right after your abstract. It is the part that defines your research aspects. The following is a step-by-step approach to writing a problem statement for your nursing research proposal;

  1. You must comprehend your topic

You have to understand the topic of nursing before you commence the statement. Your statement is distinct from the hypothesis and is an analytical construct to verify or disprove the research. In the nursing assignments, it is your problem statement that is the bottom line of the matter.

  1. List your details

Gather all the information you require to incorporate into your problem statement. This section is brief that must not extend beyond 7-10 lines maximum. You commence your statement with the introductory line.

  1. Conduct an elaborate analysis of your statement

Your problem statement even though brief is extremely comprehensive. Include some of your paper details such as the organization, sector, and your paper’s core issues.

  1. Write the summary of your problem statement.

Your research purpose and problem statement sets up the research subject for your nursing research proposal. With your problem statement, you highlight the research topic, your methodology, and how to achieve it. Make sure the problem statement is readable and relevant to keep your readers engaged.

  1. Ensure your statement is accurate

Your problem statement will educate your reader concerning the research. Simultaneously, it also explains the research’s practical application in day-to-day life. You must be straightforward and commence immediately with the main issues of your nursing research proposal.

Components of nursing research proposal

After selecting your proposal’s relevant topic in the nursing assignment, you can begin with the below nursing research proposal components;

  1. The title

Devise a unique title and one that is easy to comprehend. It must create a long-term impression on your readers and increase their return rate to read the proposal. Your title should also seize the study’s main concepts.

  1. Research introduction

This part of your nursing research proposal should give a broad topic overview and you must precisely outline your researcher’s interest in the specific topic. At this particular point mention shortly a critical scrutiny of the key literature that addresses your topic.

  1. Your background

It should not only involve an elaborate interpretation of the main points of the subject but also every field development and their timelines. The researcher should also clarify the fascinating interest in your research issue

  1. Research questions

Your research questions should clearly state what the proposed study will address or give the answer to. Make sure that you apply easy language that will be easy to understand, and at the same time be cognisant of your proposed audience’s level.

  1. Your research objectives

Your objectives must align with your research questions. Your objectives should specify what the research study’s aim is. The objectives enable you to get a comprehensible demonstration of the steps to take to attain your research aims.

  1. Research Methodology

This methodology section describes the approach which the researcher will apply to address your research problem and also to give answers to all research questions queried by the researcher. Your nursing research proposal design should be clearly stated

  1. The Literature review

Gather and present important literature on the topic of your choice. Relying on the topic or the field study, make sure to involve current literature and the literature that displays the topic’s counterarguments.

  1. The study limitations

The researcher should indicate the study limitations which include the factors beyond his/her control or what he/she can’t do. You should also include limitations not addressed by the researcher for your study purposes.

  1. Your research significance

The researcher should give justification for the importance of conducting the study. The authenticity and significance of your research will be appropriate level, should be described clearly

  1. The work plan

Your research schedule should be clearly stated including the timelines projected for the numerous stages of the study.

  1. Your bibliography

List all the respective sources you have applied for the proposal in alphabetical order and using the referencing style your instructor has instructed for the field of your subject.

Writing a Research Proposal

Writing a research proposal requires accuracy, rigorous consistency, and elaborate knowledge of the proposal topic. Readers often judge the ability of the researcher to carry out the study by the standard of your proposal. A quality study proposal is clear, concise, and complete. Writing a quality nursing research proposal involves the following steps;

1.      Logically establish your ideas

The research proposal ideas should develop logically to defend or justify your study. You must build a case to justify the essence of the problem study and propose a suitable methodology for carrying out the study. Every nursing research proposal step elaborates on your problem statement to give its merit and a better understanding of your study.

Institutions have pioneered websites to assist researchers craft successful nursing research proposals for intervention research and qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

             2. Determine your proposal’s depth

Your proposal’s content detail or depth is decided by guidelines set by nursing schools, colleges, or agencies of funding, where the research is carried out. Guidelines give particular directions for your proposal development and must be followed strictly. Misinterpretation or negligence of any of the guidelines is often the revision or rejection basis.

On top of adhering to the guidelines, it is a must you determine the necessary information amount to describe all your study steps clearly. Frequently your proposal reviewers have diverse expertise in your area of study.

3.      You must identify the critical points

Your proposal’s key points should be evident, to even a reckless reader. You should highlight the critical points using italicized or bold type. At times researchers devise headings to highlight overcritical content or arrange the content in graphs or tables. It is crucial to detail in your nursing research proposal your research problem significance, study methodology, purpose, and plans of your research production.

4.      Developing a high-quality proposal copy

An appealing nursing research proposal is written free from grammatical, spelling, or punctuation. A proposal possessing quality content but poorly formatted or typed will not grab the attention of the reviewers and keep them engaged. Your proposal format should comply with the guidelines established by your organization or reviewers.

If there is no specific format is demanded, researchers usually follow the format of APA (2010).

Your proposal must be legible with appropriate figures and tables to convey important information. You must deliver the proposal via the requested means as an attachment via email, an uploaded file, or a posted hard copy.

Nursing research proposal topics

The following nursing research proposal topics can assist you in selecting the ideal topic for your nursing research proposal;

Research proposal topics on Adults Nursing

  1. Significance of an active lifestyle to manage good health.
  2. Control of dental hygiene and health.
  3. Factors influencing anxiety and stress.
  4. Preservation of water consumption to avoid dehydration.
  5. Awareness programs for a healthy lifestyle and to manage weight.

Research proposal topics on Child Nursing

  1. Managing healthy dietary habits in obese children.
  2. Vaccination ethical perspective.
  3. Infant seizures cause.
  4. Maintenance of antibiotic resistance in infants.
  5. Infants having psychological concerns care.

Research proposal topics on Women’s Issues Nursing

  1. Health management and post-pregnancy care for women having preterm babies.
  2. Developing strategical approaches for avoiding (STDs) sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Maintaining emotional stability in women who have miscarried.
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of screening mythologies of cervical cancer.
  5. The care plan and treatment of chlamydia.

To sum up

In the course of your exams or nursing assignments given by your professors, you will be required to choose nursing research proposal topics. This is not only a daunting but also a time-consuming task that will leave you with no option but to look for assistance online. This article includes numerous nursing research proposal topics to consider when writing a distinguished nursing research proposal. When selecting a nursing research proposal topic for your nursing assignment choose a fascinating one that will always grab your reader’s attention.

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