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Nursing process Essay: Topics, Outline, and Examples                                 

Nursing process Essay

A nursing process essay requires a lot of research, and technical content on a topic, and the data must be conveyed to the audience nicely for comprehension. There are significant steps that are essential in the writing of a nursing assessment process essay.

The nursing process essay is a form of a report that explains the process of patient care from treatment which includes interviewing, diagnosis, and the healing process. The plan enables proper administration of health care as the clear outline is followed. It enables the nurses to know what the patient needs and help in its delivery.

Characteristics of the nursing process

  1. Collaborative

Good communication between the patient and nurse ensures effective communication. It is also safe to say that a nurse is free to ask for advice from other caregivers to come up with the best care plan. There has to be respected and shared decision-making for everything to function properly.

  1. Patient-centered

The focus is on the patient’s needs and health goals. The patient has the right to make decisions on how they want the care plan administered to them. A patient’s confidentiality should also be considered in the nursing process.

  1. Interpersonal

It entails the patient and the caregiver growing together to achieve a common aim. There have to be necessary interactions that will help solve the health problems of the patient.

  1. Critical thinking

It is advisable for the nurse administering the care plan to apply critical thinking. This will help them identify the issue at hand and how they will come up with the right treatment to help the patient.

  1. Interdependent

The whole nursing process is dynamic and cyclical. All the steps involved in the nursing process depend on each other for success.

Importance and Value of Nursing Essay

  1. A nursing essay is used in the determination of the health status of a patient and any anticipated issues or needs that might arise during the administration of patient care.
  2. Enable preparation of everything that will be of need during the process of health care provision.
  3. Enables the use of up-to-date data in the administration of health care to benefit human functions and reactions will be catered for in the present data.
  4. Protection of nurses from legal concerns. Following the steps acts as protection for nurses as cases arise.
  5. Helps in the creation of a database that contains information and steps that may aid in the provision of patient care.

What is the value of nursing in the nursing process essay? The nursing process essay is important as it ensures a quality care plan is administered to the patient and it helps them achieve their health goals.

Outline of nursing process essay

a)      Introduction

The introduction is more about identifying the patient’s needs. The process should be done with caution as the patient’s life is in danger. Critical thinking is the approach that is necessary for this step of recognizing patient needs and providing appropriate solutions.

b)     The Nursing Process

It is a chronological order of steps that are centered on client needs and how the nurse administers help in the provision of health care. Efficient application of the nursing process helps in current situations as well as future difficulties. Anticipation of difficulties that may arise may help the client avoid complications as well as pain.

For the nursing process to function properly one has to follow the 5 phases involved in the nursing process. This involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation which all depend on each other to perform efficiently. The nursing process is something continuous and effective communication between the nurse and patient must exist to ensure success. The nursing process does not exist in a given timeline, it can go for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Steps involved in the nursing process

·         Assessment

At the beginning of the nursing process, the nurse and patient need to be on good terms to ensure the patient feels comfortable and safe around the nurse. Assessment is the process of finding information regarding the patient that will be of use during the nursing process.

It is advisable to use various sources of information from; primary, secondary, and tertiary sources of information to get all the data and facts needed so that you can get the patient the best care possible.

  • Primary source

Interviewing the patient on their health and feelings is the fastest way to acquire information. The patient needs to trust you enough to confide in you. You can learn about their strengths and weaknesses easily from them. Primary sources of information have always been important because a person can easily express themselves and how they are feeling.

  • Secondary source

This type of information is usually required in case the information provided by the patient is not sufficient. Moreover, it is very useful when the patient is not in a position to provide the data required for their treatment.

This information is provided by the patient’s family members or close friends who know the patient well enough to give the needed data. Regardless of the data provided by the secondary sources, it is not the work of the nurse to judge.

The nurse should always be open-minded and listen to the information being provided. Whilst not all information may be useful, it is important for everyone to feel they can express themselves and give any information they have to the caregivers.

  • Tertiary source

Observation and physical examinations are considered tertiary sources of information. This is where the nurse checks the patient for any clues or physical changes related to the disease and tries to deduce what could be going on. Taking laboratory tests is also another source of information. All these sources of information combined help the nurse give the best treatment to the patient.

·         Diagnosis

This is the second step in the nursing process. It involves coming up with professional judgment after going through all the available data. As a nurse, you are supposed to make your judgment concerning clinical experiences.

Through diagnosis, you can determine a patient’s existing health problems and any threats that could come up. The assessment step is important because it provides data that is analyzed by the nurse to come up with a diagnosis.

·         Planning

After determining the patient’s health problems, it is easy to know their strengths and weaknesses. The next thing you need to do is come up with an effective care plan to administer to the patient. You can consult with the doctor and work closely with the family members to ensure the existing health issue is dealt with.

Any nursing action that is to be taken should be patient–centered and not nurse-focused. It is the job of the nurse to communicate any treatment idea they have with the patient before they administer it. A patient and their family members should always be involved in such decisions. They have the right to accept or refuse.

·         Implementation

This phase takes place after the patient accepts the developed care plan. The care plan is administered to assist the patient beat the disease and restore perfect health. The process involves the nurse following up on the patient to ensure the administered care plan is working effectively.

You should always take more tests before implementing the care plan because changes occur and the action may not be needed anymore. Documenting is very useful in this step. You can tell whether the patient’s health has improved or deteriorated before implementation.

·         Evaluation

This is an ongoing process that determines whether the care plan is working or should be modified. The nurse can tell whether the patient is fully cured or there has been some improvement in their health or the care plan has not worked at all.

Evaluation is important because it determines a nurse’s next action concerning helping the patient achieve their overall health goals. An effective evaluation is a result of good communication between the patient and the nurse and good observation by the nurse.

·         Conclusion

The nursing process is supposed to provide you with adequate information to come up with a care plan for your patient. On top of that it is supposed to help you determine whether the care plan is effective in solving the patient’s health problems. As a nurse using the nursing process can present you with satisfactory results for you and your patient.

Nursing process essay examples

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To sum up

As a nursing student, the nursing process is something you work on daily. You will at one point be asked to come up with a nursing essay on the nursing process slide share. You have to understand that the nursing process involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of your patients.

If used correctly the nursing process essay is of help to both the patient and the caregiver. This article can serve as a guide in learning more about nursing assessment process essays.

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