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Writing Nursing Papers | A Complete Guide for Nurses

 Nursing Papers

Nursing students must familiarize themselves with writing as it is an essential skill to achieve. As a nurse, communication is vital because it assists you to understand your patients better. Other than verbal communication, documentation of assessment helps a nurse develop a care plan and provide quality treatment.

There are various writings that nursing student has to complete before they can become a registered nurse. This article is going to guide you on the various structures of nursing papers and even touch on how to write a nursing research paper. Not all writing assignments are straightforward, you might find yourself facing challenging nursing essay writing assignments. Follow this guide for important steps and tips that will help you with your nursing papers.

Various examples of nursing papers

  1. Research papers

Research papers differ from essays in that they rely on available data, what experts in the field think, and a lot of general investigation. For you to produce a quality research paper, you must have an extensive amount of knowledge in the field and impressive research skills. Apart from that, you are expected to add some original contributions to the already existing data.

As you advance in your studies you will learn that even your academic content will also grow. Research papers will become complicated at the academic level. You will get research papers that even run for months and years and only rely on your analysis. Choosing a research topic is one of the determinants of success. You should pick something relevant that you love. When preparing to write your research paper, ensure you papers has a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references.

  1. Personal statements

A personal statement is the easiest way to get into nursing school. A lot is required of nursing students. You must meet all the academic requirements as well as prove your love for caregiving. Personal statements help you express yourself and why you want to be a nurse. You will be able to describe your personal goals and work goals you have if you were given a chance. A Personal statement can help you find favor from your professor by standing out from other applicants.

When writing a personal statement, ensure you give the readers what they want. Portray yourself as caring, empathetic, hardworking, and a leader. Express your love for healthcare and why you are deserving of that chance. As a nursing student, you will need to learn how to use words to move people and communicate what you want in a way people will understand you. Different schools have different requirements of what should be included in their statements. All in all, write about something important that connects you to the nursing world and will be of benefit.

  1. Examination

Exams are part of nursing papers. They are meant to test whether you understood what was taught throughout the course. Examinations come with instructions on what is expected of you by the examination board. Exams are also meant to help you get your license to become a registered nurse.

Essays are a must in nursing exams. It is hard to predict the structure of nursing papers but always plan ahead of time. Do proper research on what is expected and go through previous exams to get an idea of the different ways questions may appear. During exams, apply what you have learned and always be confident in yourself. Go through your work before handing it in.

  1. Case studies

Case studies are very common in nursing. They are meant to improve the critical thinking of nurses. Nursing students are presented with different scenarios involving patients. These scenarios are not necessarily real they can be imagined.

Case studies present the different skills and knowledge nursing students possess about the nursing world. They are tested in things they face in day-to-day healthcare. To present a quality case study choose a topic that interests you, prepare thoroughly by doing research, and make sure you back up your claim with sustainable evidence.

  1. Reflective Journal

Reflection journals are meant to express a student’s thoughts, perceptions, feelings, concerns, and even understanding of a specific topic. You will be required to visit past events and acquire whatever knowledge and skills are present. You will improve your reasoning and thought process. Reflective journals help nursing students engage in deeper learning.

  1. Care plans

Care plans are very important in the nursing world. After the patient assessment, a nurse is required to develop a care plan. Care plans are meant to describe how a patient will be cared for to achieve specific health goals. This writing needs to touch on the nursing process and be clear on the treatment to be administered and the expected results.

Major forms of nursing papers

Nursing papers come in different forms and each one of them requires specific skills to achieve the expected results. There are a couple of similarities between them and it is important to familiarize yourself with the forms below.

  • Narrative nursing papers

Nursing essay writing is a rite of passage for nursing students. Writing narrative papers is very straightforward as all you have to do is explain a chosen topic from your point of view. There has to be a purpose to the paper.

  • Expository nursing papers

These essays are meant to be informed about specific topics. They rely on evidence to support the claim and follow a basic structure from the introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Persuasive nursing papers

This is meant to persuade the reader to take up specific viewpoints on a given topic. To some extent, it is argumentative, and just like the rest should focus on logic and clear arguments.

  • Comparative nursing papers

It is all about comparing and contrasting two chosen items. You should argue to bring out the superior item. You can discuss both items point after point or exhaust one and then discuss the other.

  • Cause and effect nursing papers

It is used to make a stand position for a specific topic. Make sure your thesis is strong to build a strong foundation. Introduce logic and describe each cause and its effect.

How to write a quality nursing paper

1.      Understand the task at hand

Examples of nursing paper topics presented to you as tasks should be the first thing to guide you on what your nursing paper entails. It is compulsory to understand the examiner’s expectations from the word count, citations, and subject so you can follow the rules to produce a perfect paper.

2.      Choose a topic

When choosing a topic you have things to keep in mind. For instance, who is your target audience, and what interests them? Make sure your topic of choice is something you love and will enjoy writing about.

3.      Outline and analyze

Getting an outline for your nursing papers is very important. It helps you put your research in order and get your work done in an organized manner. Outlines plan how the nursing paper is going to flow showing what is going to start and how it will end.

4.      Thorough research

Make sure all your research comes from trusted sources. There are a few specified sites recommended for doing nursing research. Use citations in case you have to quote or follow up.

5.      Introduction

This is where you let the reader know what they will find in the nursing paper. Make it captivating so that the reader will want to continue with the content of your paper. Give some background information about what you are writing about.

6.      Complete the body of your nursing paper

The body of the nursing paper should focus on the different subtopics you have chosen. It should expound more on the topics simply and understandably.

7.      Wrap up

The conclusion is supposed to link the body with the thesis statement. You should end the nursing paper with a suggestion or a topic addressed to your reader about your topic.

8.      Proofread, edit, and submit

When you are done writing your paper all that is left to do is go through your paper to check for any errors or grammatical mistakes. You can pass your paper through Grammarly for better help. Include necessary citations and then submit before the deadline.

Nursing paper samples

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To wind up

There are a variety of different types of nursing papers for nursing students. Each one of these nursing papers plays an important role in a nurse’s academic life. Nursing papers depend on the area of focus the nurse has majored in.

A nurse needs to have a clear knowledge of all the various types of writing. These nursing papers help a nurse understand more about the various roles they could play in the clinical world. For you to become a registered nurse you must attain good grades in your nursing papers. To some extent, they prepare you for real-life application.

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