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Nursing Discussion

Nursing Discussion

My Strengths and Weakness Regarding Professional Presentations

One of my strengths is that I am personable. My ability to relate to others in a friendly manner is important for my career. It makes it possible to engage patients in a professional yet friendly manner. To improve this aspect, I intend to pay more attention to other individuals’ body language and tone. This is important because it will encourage others to freely share their feelings because they feel comfortable. In addition, I need to learn to express and control my emotions appropriately (Sander, 2020). In a professional setting, I need to efficiently handle the patients’ feelings by ensuring my feelings do not act as a hindrance.

My main weakness is intense nervousness when presenting in front of people. My fear of crowds stems from the thoughts that people may have about me, the content that I present, and the methods I choose. To improve this weakness, I need to work on my self-confidence and explore subjects in that I can efficiently develop presentation content. I should also dress in a manner that improves my self-confidence. Comfortable wear ensures that I do not have to think about the audience’s perspectives about me. I should also choose to draw energy from past presentations that were positive. Practicing and filming this process is also important so that I can watch myself and identify areas that need improvement. I should also engage some of my friends in the practice sessions. This friendly environment will allow positive criticism and encourage less tension due to the lack of consequences in case of mistakes (Seven Tips to Build Confidence in Public Speaking, 2021). Frequent practice sessions are important in ensuring that I become accustomed to making presentations that have the desired effect.


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Nursing Discussion

Discuss one personal strength and one weakness you have regarding professional presentations. Name one method for improvement for each of these and discuss why it is important for you to work on these skills if you want to present your findings in a more formal setting.

Nursing Discussion

Nursing Discussion

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