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Nursing-Discussion Response

Nursing-Discussion Response

Thank you for sharing your post! I agree with you on the concerns in the management of the case patient. She is on high amounts of Norco medications in an attempt to relieve her shoulder pain, which is an issue of concern. Alongside Norco’s medications, she is on Diazepam medications. The higher amounts of these medications have higher chances of causing mortality. It has a combination of an opioid and a non-opioid component. These are hydrocodone and acetaminophen, respectively (Seago et al., 2016). Hydrocodone has a side effect of slowed breathing and, therefore, has to be used with precautions (Molassiotis et al., 2017). High doses of the Norco medication may stop the breathing process, reducing oxygen circulation in the body. However, this patient, who increases her dose intake without a doctor’s prescription, is at risk of respiratory distress. Apart from respiratory distress, the patient is likely to undergo liver and kidney failure because of the drugs administered orally. Respiratory distress is more likely to lead to death and systemic failure. This endangers the patient’s health more.

When using Norco, one is advised not to drink alcohol since it can lead to serious side effects threatening the patient’s health. This worsens her condition more despite the hypertension case. Drug-drug interaction is likely to be experienced by this patient. Administration of a benzodiazepine (diazepam) and hydrocodone is likely to cause sedation. Therefore, it is better to educate the patient on the harm she is causing herself. The dangers of alcohol intake while taking the prescribed drugs. It is also important to encourage her on other alternative pain treatment options. They include physical therapy, massage, and psychotherapy. More awareness should be created on the risks of taking an overdose on one’s health. Majoring in the effects such as kidney and liver failures and her hypertension worsening. Since she is also a primary caregiver to her grandchildren, it is better to modify her activities to minimize more injury caused on her shoulder.


Molassiotis, A., Smith, J. A., Mazzone, P., Blackhall, F., Irwin, R. S., Adams, T. M., … & Weir, K. (2017). Symptomatic treatment of cough among adult patients with lung Cancer: CHEST guideline and expert panel report. Chest151(4), 861-874.

Seago, S., Hayek, A., Pruszynski, J., & Newman, M. G. (2016, July). Change in prescription habits after federal rescheduling of hydrocodone combination products. In Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings (Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 268-270). Taylor & Francis.


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 Nursing-Discussion Response

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    Nursing-Discussion Response

    Nursing-Discussion Response

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