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Nursing Discussion question

Nursing Discussion question

The financial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration focuses on the impact of the project on the overall treatment costs and costs incurred in the implementation of the project. The project initiative will reduce the overall treatment costs. This is because addressing the problem of nursing shortage will optimize the nurse-patient ratio. Optimization of the ratio will increase the quality of service delivery and minimize medication errors. This will reduce the incidences of adverse drug reactions that result in re-admissions. Extra management costs incurred by the patient and the hospital will be averted. Implementation of the project requires the expansion and construction of new training institutions. Financial support will be sought from the state and federal governments, and donations from different organizations.

The quality aspect taken into consideration is an improvement in service delivery. The nursing shortage is associated with decreased productivity and the risk of an increase in medication and treatment errors (Marć et al., 2019). Decreased productivity is caused by stress and burnout associated with understaffed facilities. This is likely to increase the morbidity and mortality rates of patients. The evidence-based change proposal provides strategies for addressing the problem. This is expected to increase the quality of services delivered in healthcare facilities.

The clinical aspect taken into consideration is the optimization of nurse-to-patient ratios. Optimization of the ratio requires the availability of competent registered nurses in the facility. The evidence-based change proposal provides policies used to address the problem of nursing shortage. The policy focuses on providing fellowships and increasing the number and capacity of nursing training institutions (Drennan & Ross, 2019). This adequately addresses the clinical aspect because it will increase the number of nurses enrolled and trained annually. The number of registered nurses will increase, and their employment will optimize the nurse-patient ratio.


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Nursing Discussion question

After discussion with your preceptor, name one financial aspect, one quality aspect, and one clinical aspect that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based change proposal. Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

Change proposal – Nursing Shortage

Nursing Discussion question

Nursing Discussion question

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