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Nursing Discussion-Patient’s Control Over His Own Health Care

Nursing Discussion-Patient’s Control Over His Own Health Care

Patient control over their own has changed over time. In the current healthcare system, patients are involved in the decision-making process in matters related to their healthcare. They are fully involved and are obligated to take care of their health to match the healthcare outcomes. In the United States, the collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals has evolved over time and thus improved the healthcare delivery system. This patient-provider relationship is aimed at improving the patients’ control over their health. The collaboration has led to critical improvement in patients’ healthcare (Wong et al., 2017).

Patients are encouraged to take charge of their healthcare, which enhances their healthcare outcomes. In the previous era, patients were not active participants in their decision-making process. They were passive participants who only received healthcare services. Currently, patients are actively involved in the healthcare delivery process in many ways. They are very curious and ask questions regarding the healthcare services they are receiving. The healthcare system nowadays is accommodative of the feelings and emotions of individuals regarding the treatment plan. Due to this, most medical curricula integrate patient involvement into the healthcare plan. Patient empowerment has enabled patients to take control over their healthcare.

In addition, technological advancements have been critical in improving patients’ control over their health. Patients can locate many healthcare resources and information on the internet, which helps them understand their healthcare problems (Haase et al., 2019). The healthcare information may include healthy lifestyles such as exercise and diet, which helps them maintain healthy living. The availability of these resources enables pain to access preventive resources.


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Nursing Discussion-Patient’s Control Over His Own Health Care

How has the patient’s control over his own health care changed?

Nursing Discussion-Patient’s Control Over His Own Health Care

Nursing Discussion-Patient’s Control Over His Own Health Care

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