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Nursing Discussion-Organizational Culture Barriers

Nursing Discussion-Organizational Culture Barriers

Nursing leadership is a concept that is quite complex. Nurse leaders take up diverse roles within a healthcare organization and fulfill various leadership types. Effective nurse leadership has been shown to positively affect the development of a safety climate, patient safety, safe medication practices, patient satisfaction, and patient care quality.

Barriers to nurses moving to higher roles in leadership include limited opportunities in the organization, a lack of access to strategic level working, inflexible organizations, nurses not being perceived as generating revenue in comparison to physicians, nurse visibility absence in policymaking, a lack of formal training on leadership, a nurse’s perception of being devalued by the healthcare system (Hughes, 2016). There are also barriers to nurses serving on boards. Some of these barriers include the negative image of nursing, a lack of involvement, a process that does not include nurses, a lack of structures that are enabling, and a lack of available resources, which all act as hindrances for nurse participation as healthcare organizations’ board members (Hughes, 2016).

Rankin et al. (2016), in their study, showed that middle managers who have to juggle several multiple roles, a lack of support, and time constraints are barriers to the effective execution of the leadership role clinical supervision aspect. Elliot et al. (2016) identified barriers to leadership roles to be enacted by nurse leaders, including a lack of leadership support, large caseloads at the clinic, a lack of clarity on the research and leadership roles, and insufficient resources. Additionally, many state nursing boards in the US prohibit advanced practice nurses from working to their full scope.

Nursing is a critical part of the dynamic healthcare environment. The priority should be on developing effective nurse leaders. Research should thus focus on strategy development that promotes effective leadership development and leadership methods to evaluate an organization’s outcomes linked to the training programs.


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Nursing Discussion-Organizational Culture Barriers

Discuss barriers caused by an organizational culture that can be encountered by nursing leaders that can make them feel powerless.

Nursing Discussion-Organizational Culture Barriers

Nursing Discussion-Organizational Culture Barriers

Please include an introduction and conclusion

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