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100 + Latest nursing argumentative essay topics

nursing argumentative essay topics

Nursing is a broad profession. Nursing students meet themselves with plenty of decisions to make and work overloads to go through. You have to write different types of essays like argumentative essays amongst others. It becomes very hectic when you have to choose nursing argumentative essay topics.

Due to the large number of argumentative essay topics for nursing students, it is quite easy for you to feel worried about whether you will pick the right topic for your paper. Essays can be very demanding, they need you to invest a lot of your time and energy into writing and doing the necessary research.

This article will offer solutions on how to choose nursing argumentative essay topics. There is detailed information that will help you make calculated decisions so you can choose a nursing argumentative topic that works for you. Followed thoroughly, this article will help you attain the perfect grades for your papers.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an academic essay where a nursing student will use available facts to back up their thoughts on an issue. Argumentative essays are meant to persuade others that your view on certain matters is better in comparison to the rest.

Argumentative essays only work when there is sufficient evidence that help

s the readers believe your claims. Whether it is an already existing argument or a new argument you will need to conduct a lot of research and include reasoning to be persuasive to the readers.

Characteristics of a good argumentative essay

1)     Specific

It is easy to do research when you know what you are looking for. A good argumentative essay is one that you have narrowed down to specific details. When the argument is clear you can put your points forth.

2)     Debatable

The main point of arguing is having two or more viewpoints on a certain topic. If there is only one point brought forward then there is no argument. Writing argumentative essays must have multiple ideologies brought forward to portray the debatable aspect of a good argumentative essay.  Best argumentative nursing essay topics have valid points that are across all the divides present in the debate.

3)     Justifiable

Argumentative essays are not based on feelings but on reason. You need to have points and solid materials that support your argument. When choosing an argumentative essay topic for your paper make sure you can be able to support your claim.

4)     Captivating

When choosing a topic your eyes should be on a piece that fascinates you. If a topic barely gets you excited you will be too bored to make it interesting for the reader. An argumentative essay should be able to hook both you and the reader.

Features of a good argumentative essay

·         Introduction

The introduction comprises the hook and the background.  The first section of your article is meant to draw the reader’s attention by making them interested in what you have to say. You should look to create an emotional attachment with your reader by using plot twists and surprises. Using questions is also a good way of hooking your readers by making them yearn for the answers.

This is where you introduce the reader to what the argument is about. You are supposed to briefly state what the essay is all about and give all the important points and a brief history.

·         Thesis

A thesis is a statement that is not yet proven and it has compelling points that can be laid in both support and objection. The writer should state what the paper is going to discuss. They should also state what argument they are going to fight for. A good thesis should be brief and able to create room for further discussions and presentation of factual content that supports your claim.

·         Body

The body of a nursing argumentative essay consists of the claims and evidence section.  Claims are the data or materials that you will present to support your argument. Put in an example, Red bull as an energy drink should not be manufactured, why? It is known to cause anxiety and heart disease in people. This being your claim will only be viewed as a point of view if there is no evidence.

Hard evidence forms the base point for compelling and pushing your ideology forward. Having concrete factual evidence adds weight. Points that rely on feelings and beliefs do not fall into the category of evidence. In the case above of energy drink production, putting citations of doctor experiments is evidence for the reasons argued.

·         Opposition

A two-sided view of the same point is important during the writing of an argumentative essay. Reasoning like the respondent of an argument ensures that points brought forward have weight and are convincing. Creation of this scenario is hard as it is the equivalent of playing a game like chess on both fronts. Biases in human thinking in terms of preference may come into play due to preference but ensure you research to support both sides. If you like energy drinks and drink the product frequently, giving arguments against the production of the product might have fewer points. One should be supportive of all sides to create opposition and the debate can be captivating.

·         Conclusion

In the conclusion section, the first statement should be a reminder of the topic that was being argued. Talk about the views present in both divides in brief. Create an image of a World where the views brought forward or ignored had been in the application and the effects present in those situations. Evidence talked and expounded in the body should not be repeated in the conclusion.

Nursing argumentative essay topics

Psychiatric nursing argumentative essay topics

  • Should abortion become a legal procedure?
  • Can womb transplantation be used when surrogacy is not an option?
  • Is mental illness considered a community threat?
  • Should illegal organs be considered for transplant even if they are not on the waiting list?
  • Should immunizations be made compulsory for every child?
  • Should inactive people be given the same priority as active people in organ transplantation?
  • Should patients’ circumstances be considered during organ donations to decide urgency?
  • Should juveniles be allowed to go against their parent’s wishes for treatment?

 Argumentative essay topics about nursing homes

  • Causes of malnutrition in nursing homes
  • What is the difference between the reality and perception of nursing homes?
  • Argue on the health and happiness in nursing homes
  • How often do seniors get their belongings sold?
  • Is nursing home abuse avoidable?
  • Do nursing homes get neglected?
  • Is there a shortage of nurses in nursing homes for long-term care?
  • How hard is it to choose a nursing home?
  • Why does the number of hospitalized seniors keep on falling?
  • Why is there an alarming rise in the reported cases of falls in nursing homes?

Nursing argumentative essay topics

There is a whole bunch of argumentative essay topics about nursing. Here are just a few to help you out with your paper.

  • What are surgeons supposed to do during operations?
  • Do hospital employees sincerely care about their patients or are just driven by their needs?
  • Who and how are hospital revenues managed?
  • Is proven that industrial waste is indeed poisonous to humans?
  • Is fat better for the body than carbohydrates?
  • Is medical marijuana effective in the modern world enough to be legalized?
  • Which is better traditional medicine and medicine produced from pharmaceutical plants?
  • Is a child’s immune system affected greatly by their consumption of junk?
  • Can regular induction of antibiotics cause addictions?
  • Can being active in games improve your immune system?
  • Does alternative medicine do more harm than good to the body?

Examples of   Writing Argumentative essay topics for nursing Students

  • Should health programs encouraging physical examinations and illness prevention be prioritized for healthcare funding?
  • Are doctors responsible for any medical error that may occur because of their negligence?
  • Should the cost of accessing healthcare be affordable to enable everyone to receive the help they deserve?
  • Should people be allowed to get surrogates only in cases where they have dire medical conditions?
  • Should medical care be free for the homeless and the less fortunate?
  • Should medical research funding be catered for by the government?
  • Is obesity considered the biggest public health problem and what measures are being taken to curb it?
  • Are public health programs effective at illness control and prevention?
  • Should contraception be made easily accessible to teenagers?

To wrap up

To write any essay you have to do a lot of research. When writing argumentative essays you will have to go through existing essays to get a glimpse of what is expected of you. Choosing the best nursing argumentative essay topics needs you to look for one that interests you. Make sure your topic of choice is debatable and you will be able to get enough information to help you write the paper. This article is a guide to help you choose nursing argumentative essay topics. Click here to reach out to us.

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