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Writing a Nursing Admission Essay: A Guide and Sample

Nursing Admission Essay

You need to be a worthy candidate to be enrolled in a nursing school and this is proven in a nursing admission essay. Every achievement, goal, and reason why you chose to be a nurse is explained in this essay.  Expounding on how to write, things to add and tips on how to write a nursing admission essay are emphasized in this article.

Application essay for nursing school admission

An application essay is written by a student seeking admission at a particular nursing school. The essay is meant to describe your attributes both in academics and talents. You should show the board of the nursing school why you stand out above all other students who placed an application. Having the best personal essay for nursing school admission can influence and increase your chances of enrollment.

Contents of a nursing admission essay

What you should write in a nursing admission essay is essential. Having the right content for your nursing admission essay ensures a proper description of your key achievements and goals. You should use some of the examples below:

  1. Explain why you developed an interest in the nursing professionalism industry.
  2. Give a detailed description of why you chose the specific school with the show of advantages over others.
  3. Explain what you would love to be in the future and intrigue the board with your vision.
  4. Show what merits you currently hold that include your scores and achievements even in other fields that are not nursing related.
  5. Give experiences you have had in the medical sector that include volunteer work.
  6. Show previous preparations to become an elite nurse.
  7. Talk about character traits that give you the edge to become a successful nurse.
  8. Provide other reasons why you should be selected over other candidates who have applied for enrollment.

Nursing admission essay tips

To explain your personal life in a few words and your vision is not an easy thing. One requires tips that offer assistance in the writing of a nursing admission essay. Following the detailed tips will help you write a successful admission essay for nursing school that will have the required content.

1.      Selection of data

Make sure that the information you choose to use provides a detailed description of your achievements and goals. The information you select should be eye-catching and will leave the board in awe of your deeds and goals.

2.      Topic selection

The selection of a topic is important as it is the basis of expounding. You should choose a topic that has high amounts of data to back it. Stay on topic during expounding and explanations. Use numerical statements to support your topic of the nursing admission essay.

3.      Offer a detailed description of your life

In this section, the board does not want to be bored with the details of your entire life. Give descriptions of key times in your life that deem to be of importance and that would increase your chances of getting an admission. The selections you make should make you unique from the rest of the applicants.

4.      Capture the board at the first phase

Intriguing and capturing the attention of human beings when writing of any paper is of huge importance. Without the attention of the reader, there would be no reason to go through the effort of writing the paper. The first few sentences are the basis of capturing the attention of the reader. As the reader goes on into the paper without anything that impresses them, the more they lose focus and might not even read the paper.

5.      Ensure the essay has a structure

The structure ensures that the reader knows where the data is. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Make sure to add a memorable statement to the conclusion as your essay should be remembered way after the board has read all the essays and the time for choosing has dawned.

6.      Do not be intimidated

During the writing of a nursing admission essay, you should be bold and have high conviction that the spot is yours and you have the requirements. Being squirmish will lead to the showing of lack of certainty which is a paramount attribute when it comes to the nursing profession. Intimidation will ruin your visual expression as you will have low trust in your attributes.

How to write an essay for nursing school admission

The following steps will ensure that you write a good admission essay for nursing school:

1.      Comprehend essay guidelines

Different institutions have different instructions and requirements during the writing of admission essays. This being the case, you should write different versions of your nursing admission essay to cater to the different instructions. You should have a clear understanding of what is required from you. Following instructions is the first step to showing the board your commitment to learning and being enrolled in the particular school. You should ask for nursing school admission examples of students who have been enrolled in the said institution to see what the institution prefers.

2.      Choose the information to offer

When writing a nursing admission essay, having plenty of information may arise as a problem as you have to write about your life and goals and this is a field that one cannot lack. Having a lot of data might prove to be tiresome and boring to the reader. Choosing key information that will boost your odds of getting admission is important. In some cases, institutions offer a word count limit and it is necessary to give the information required. You should be brief and straight to the point.

3.      Outline creation

You should start with a rough outline during the phase of organizing the ideas that you have chosen for the essay. Choosing where every data falls is important since the points should chronologically follow each other. You should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Different information is placed into different paragraphs and topics in the essay.

The introduction gives the reader a brief detailed description of what the essay entails. The body is where ideas are expounded and more information is offered. It constitutes the biggest chunk of the essay. The body has many paragraphs supporting the points that you have chosen. The conclusion is the last paragraph and ties together key points by providing memorable statements.

4.      Make it personal

The point of the essay is to provide a detailed description of your personality. This being the case you should give a candid description that will give the reader an image of who you are and why you are the best-suited candidate for the spot in contention. Come up with fresh content that is new to the reader and that is not cliché.

5.      Show empathy and attributes

To boost the chances of getting an admission, you should show empathy and skills since they are characteristics of elite nurses. These two qualities ensure proper healthcare provision. Elaborate that you have had the said qualities all your life. Share memories of key moments when the attributes were in expression.

6.      Write your first draft

Writing your first draft gives a clear view of how you would like your outline to look. The first draft is used for thinning and making statements brief and paragraphs shorter. It becomes easier to write your finished product once you have written your first draft.

During writing your final product, use the required nursing admission essay format.  The format ensures easier reading.

7.      Proofread the essay

Ensure that you have corrected the spelling, formatting, grammar, and structure of your sentences. Use applications to correct grammar mistakes, this is to ensure that the correction is thorough.

Go to the extent of asking a family member or a close friend to read the written material and give you their feedback. Having no errors gives a good impression and increases your chances of acceptance.

Nursing admission essay help

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Writing a nursing school admission essay is no easy fit. This being the case, the information in this article will be helpful. A sample application essay for nursing school will give you a view of what has been described above.

Writing many personalized nursing school nursing admission essays will prove fruitful when applying to many institutions. You should be successful when writing a nursing admission essay if you follow and comprehend the information in this article.

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