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Nurse Leader And Manager Decisions

Nurse Leader And Manager Decisions

Nurse leaders must make informed decisions as they may determine patients’ outcomes. During the nursing management rotation, the health facility was experiencing an upsurge in admissions due to the effects of COVID-19-associated infection. We were required to create spaces for new admissions; thus, there were crucial decisions to achieve that goal. As one of the nurse managers, I participated in assessing and discharging patients suffering from chronic conditions to home-based care or nursing homes.


The team had to devise desirable criteria for discharging the patients without compromising the care process. According to Nibbelink and Brewer (2018), situation awareness is fundamental in determining the best intervention for the patient. The main criteria established were guided by the self-care needs of the patient. Therefore, patients with more self-care deficits were not to be discharged. I proposed family and patient education would be fundamental before deciding on the best move.


The overall goal was to create a room to accommodate new admission. Therefore, all the solutions to be considered were outlined. For instance, the patients were to be discharged through nursing homes or training family members on various interventions, then conducting regular home visits to determine the progress.


A delay in decision-making would jeopardize the facility’s plan to accommodate more patients while minimizing the risks for cross-infection. To maintain the integrity of care while achieving the main goal, we considered nursing homes the best facilities to ensure continuity in the care process and the safety of patients.


Half of the patients diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular disorders were discharged. The hospital management identified suitable nursing homes with qualified caregivers before discharging the patients. My team and I were to explain and seek various families’ consent before undertaking the action.


Evaluation determines the effectiveness of the intervention and possible remedies for non-effective decisions. Continuous follow-up was made, and I was allocated two nursing homes to conduct regular visits and receive telephone calls. Evaluation determines the effectiveness of the decision by the nursing managers (Guo, 2020). Therefore, the process was a success due to shared decision-making and teamwork.


Guo, K. L. (2020). DECIDE a decision-making model for more effective decision-making by health care managers. The health care manager, 39(3), 133-141.

Nibbelink, C. W., & Brewer, B. B. (2018). Decision‐making in nursing practice: An integrative literature review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(5-6), 917-928.


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Nurse Leader and Manager Decisions

Nurse leaders and managers are responsible for making decisions in the healthcare setting.

First Post

Describe how you will be involved with the decision-making process using the DECIDE model. Include an example from a clinical situation you experienced in the healthcare setting.

Nurse Leader And Manager Decisions

Nurse Leader And Manager Decisions

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Respond to at least one of your peers about their example that illustrates their interpretation of DECIDE. Expand on your peer’s ideas.


  • “Expand on your peer’s ideas” needs more than 1 – 2 sentences for an acceptable reply.
  • If you refer to a website or article, be sure to cite it in APA format. This prevents plagiarism and allows your fellow students to review the sites and increase the class knowledge base.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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