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Maternal Module 09 Discussion-Pediatric Safety

Maternal Module 09 Discussion-Pediatric Safety

Pediatric Safety

Growth and development are considered important factors in pediatrics, especially during healthcare provision. Children in each of these developmental stages tend to encounter and solve problems differently. However, in some stages, there is a necessity to provide safety education to prevent dangers and accidents. Safety education is provided by the nursing pediatrician to either the child, parent, or caregiver. The Preschool developmental stage is a stage where children start to learn self-control. However, they are unable to recognize and identify situations that are a threat to their safety (Lin et al., 2015). They are slow in withdrawing from anything that causes harm and, therefore, at a greater risk of accidents. The target group for this special education is those aged 5 to six years. This education on safety is important to them since they are in their explorative phase in life and have less knowledge about the environment and body control.

The three nursing diagnoses in the preschool developmental stage include risks for infection, the risk for injury and trauma, and the risk for poisoning (Iaia et al., 2017). Some of the interventions for these diagnoses include educating the parents of the child on the importance of immunizations and providing immunization drugs. Educating family members on where they can get these immunization drugs is also important in preventing the risk of infection. Proving safety education on first aid in cases of poisoning helps to minimize risks of trauma and secondary injuries. To reduce episode severity, caregivers and children should be informed on when to start medication and treatment when they note a manifestation of a new disease. To minimize the risk of infections, nurses should educate and encourage family members on a healthy diet to boost the immune system. Parents and caregivers should keep their children away from potential dangers such as machinery to minimize the risk of injuries.


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Maternal Module 09 Discussion-Pediatric Safety


Maternal Module 09 Discussion-Pediatric Safety

Maternal Module 09 Discussion-Pediatric Safety



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