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Leadership-Volkswagen-Herbert Diess

Leadership-Volkswagen-Herbert Diess

Herbert Diess was appointed the CEO of Volkswagen AG in 2018, and he is the Chairman of the management board. Mr. Diess obtained his undergraduate degree from the Munich University of Applied Science and his graduate and Doctorate degrees from the Technical University of Munich. He also worked with Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (B. M. W), and Robert Bosch before joining Volkswagen (Herbert Diess, VolkswagenAG: Profile and Biography, 2021)

His expertise in this field is shown in an interview he had. In this interview, he explained the strategy to be used for more assertive productions by Volkswagen. He reasoned that decisive ideas at the start of a project reduce last-minute changes that would delay production. His strategy has worked, as he disclosed during the interview.

His leadership has also come with its challenges. According to Wehmeyer and Ravindran ( 2021), his confrontational and divisive leadership mode has raised questions. Critics claim that he is obsessed with results, overlooking and “bullying” the employees. Moreover, he prefers the use of confrontation to empathy when tackling work. According to Kiley (2021), Mr. Diess once invoked a Nazi phrase,” Ebit Macht Frei,” which means,” Profits will set you free.” He used this phrase during a meeting with his managers when he was asked about capital investment.

People have different opinions on his leadership strategies. Some agree with this method, saying that his job is to address issues head-on, while others do not support his leadership method, arguing that he “bullies” his employees. Even though his methods appear extreme, he gets results.

In conclusion, a leader has a lot of responsibility. People might disagree with your leadership method, but doing the right thing should always be a priority.


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Leadership-Volkswagen-Herbert Diess

For this week’s discussion, please choose one of the following four multi-national corporations which operate in both the United States and Eastern European countries: Apple, Volkswagen, Maersk, and BP.

Next, do some research on the CEO of the company, looking for how this leader is described, his/her areas of expertise, and whether his/her leadership is deemed effective or non-effective.

Then prepare a minimum 200-word response with the highlights of this leader. Although not required, consider including a picture or other interesting media.

Leadership-Volkswagen-Herbert Diess

Leadership-Volkswagen-Herbert Diess

Use the Title of your post to state the company and CEO name. For example, your title could read, “Apple-Tim Cook.”

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