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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are critical in the delivery of both goods and services. Although they are similar in many aspects, there are some differences concerning their skills, behavior, and general outlook. Precisely, the behavior and skills required in each determine the extent of a good leader and a good manager (Wajdi, 2017). According to Azad et al. (2017), leadership involves being visionary and doing this right, whereas management involves being task-oriented and doing things right. Importantly, the goal of leadership is to influence and drive people or groups toward achieving a common goal. On the other hand, management focuses on optimal utilization of available resources through excellent planning, organizing, controlling, and leading to produce the best results (Wajdi, 2017). Through this lens, leadership and management are complementary concepts that attempt to describe an organization’s effectiveness and performance (Azad et al., 2017). From this standpoint, Wajdi (2017) notes that good managers should be leaders, and good leaders should possess management skills.

Synonymously, leadership and management entail working with people, creating foundational and functional structures within an organization, and planning, and directing people towards attainable goals. As a nurse leader, understanding that leadership and management revolve around working with people offers foundational insights into facilitating change. As an agent of change, I would seek to establish formal and informal legitimate power (Sullivan, 2012) to offer guidance, and direction and motivate my followers toward the desired change. My behavior is a critical source of influence. Therefore, consistent with Sullivan (2012), I would identify the change needed, and rationale, and act as a role model to motivate my staff to embrace and support the change. Managers and leaders should understand their followers, and negotiate resources, and other organizational support required to attain optimal performance. Working together with frontline nurses (Sullivan, 2012) enables nurse leaders to identify necessary changes and new work processes needed to promote patient care.


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Leadership and Management

Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management. Explain how the goals of management and leadership overlap and provide one example. As a nurse leader, describe how you can facilitate change by taking advantage of this overlap.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

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