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Leader and Managers Roles in Evidence-Based Practice

Leader and Managers Roles in Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence practice in the nursing profession involves employing suitable clinical expertise and available evidence with patients’ needs or requirements in delivering health care. Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is considered an essential part of nursing care since it ensures an improved and well-developed decision-making process, promoting the overall outcomes of health care and patient satisfaction. Being a nurse manager/leader places one in a position that requires an individual to spearhead and lead a group of nurses in their practice course.

Among the basic duties of a nurse manager is to ensure all nurses at the workplace understand and learn how to successfully incorporate EBP in bedside care delivery. Nurse Managers are tasked with EBP use promotion during patient care and making certain that the nursing practice remains current and relevant (Bianchi et al., 2018). Sustaining and promoting EBP requires the nurses to be taught and ensure that they acknowledge how to evaluate, find, and incorporate research studies into effective practice. A suitable to be applied in EBP promotion is by encouraging teamwork among medical professionals and nurses.

Collaboration among nurses has been demonstrated to be a vital mechanism towards achieving a functional evidence-based practice in the nursing profession. Collaboration is vital in healthcare settings since it improves patient outcomes such as decreasing mortality and morbidity rates and minimizing preventable reactions to adverse drugs. Adopting and implementing EBP requires physical resources such as research materials (Caramanica & Spiva, 2018). Intellectual resources such as training and education, and technological advancement resources are to be actively availed. Lastly, a distinctive way of promoting the successful incorporation of EBP into nursing care is by the nursing manager leading as an example to nurses. There is a need to use suitable and current research studies available while delivering care to patients.


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Leader and Managers Roles in Evidence-Based Practice

As a new nurse, you will need to focus on using evidence to support your practice. Nurse leaders and managers make a difference in ensuring nursing practice is current and relevant.

Leader and Manager’s Roles in Evidence-Based Practice

Leader and Manager’s Roles in Evidence-Based Practice

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Describe how you will be involved with ensuring that you are promoting and sustaining evidence-based practice.

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