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Influence of Multidimensional Care Elements on Endocrine System Disorder

Influence of Multidimensional Care Elements on Endocrine System Disorder

Providing a multidimensional approach implies assessing and implementing an approach that has more than one design or feature to address a problem or situation that is deemed complex or requires an assessment from diverse viewpoints. Treatment of disorders of the endocrine system requires a multidimensional approach due to the complexity of the disease. To meet the needs of the patients and family, the care team needs to introduce targeted psychological treatments, implement physical therapy, offer support and education about the disorder and its management, and help the patient together with his or her family to attain optimal coping with the difficulties linked with the recovery process (Sonino, 2012). The team should also have a rehabilitation program that can help foster healthy behaviors and compliance, promote an active lifestyle and reduce disability.

Besides normalization of the hormonal values, it is important to incorporate the psychosocial functioning and status of the patient since patients with endocrine disorders experience severe psychological distress. In this case, a psychologist is needed to help the patient modify risk behaviors, cope with difficulties, and offer support and advice to family members and spouses of patients experiencing varying phases of the illness. An endocrinologist or physician is needed to diagnose and treat hormone problems and associated complications and also act as the team leader who coordinates other members to ensure that the welfare of the patients remains central (Baum, 2018). Nurse practitioners are required to participate in the treatment, helping educate patients regarding self-care for the chronic condition and implementing and planning a treatment plan with the help of the endocrinologist (Kieffer et al., 2015). Care and treatment of endocrine disorders require a multidisciplinary approach, and patients need care from physicians, endocrinologists, psychologists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and dieticians, among others. The team’s success is highly dependent on leadership, task orientation, and team members’ communication.


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Influence of Multidimensional Care Elements on Endocrine System Disorder

Disorders of the endocrine system affect many individuals. Providing multidimensional patient care can be challenging for patients experiencing these disorders. Ensuring the plan of care meets the patient and family needs is important in order to increase adherence to proper medical treatment following discharge.

Influence of Multidimensional Care Elements on Endocrine System Disorder

Influence of Multidimensional Care Elements on Endocrine System Disorder

What does it mean to provide a multidimensional approach? Provide at least three examples of how the care team can meet the patient’s and the family’s needs. List at least three care team members and how are they involved in providing multidimensional care.

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